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Fluffy Bluff Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2

Fluffy Bluff Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Fluffy Bluff Galaxy

(World 1)

Search for the Toad Brigade Captain

Move forward to get the Cloud Flower. This powerup releases a cloud every time you spin jump. Use it to work your way up the level to the first Launch Star.

On the small planetoid gather 5 small bits to create the Launch Star. Afterwards head to the bottom of the planetoid and then blackflip spin to get the Comet Medal.

Grab the Launch Star and then use the Clouds to get to the top of the pillar with the Chimp and grab the Star Coin.

Search for the Toad Brigade Captain

Every Planet Has Its Price

You need 100 coins to get the Hidden Star. First get the Giant Coin off the top of the tree to your immediate right, then use the green warp pipe behind the tree. You need to get all the coins in here and then use the Cloud Flower to get to the top of the tree. Grab all the coins here. From the two coin sections and all the enemies will get you the 100. Feed the Luma and launch to the new planet.

Pretty easy Cloud climb to get to the Star Coin.

Every Planet Has Its Price

The Chimp's Stomp Challenge

You'll get an invitation in the mail from the Chimp to come back for the Challenge. You need to reach 10,000 points. Chaining kills will net you the most points. Get the Giant Coin to the top of the tree to the right. There is a Life Mushroom behind the tree that will get you a nice bonus 1,000.

Chimp's Stomp Challenge

Fluffy Bluff Green Stars x3

Green Star #1 is high above the exact spot you start in. Get the Cloud power-up and then jump your way back to the start without using a cloud. Now you need to backflip spin three times to get the height you need to get the star.
Green Star #2 is to the high left off the ground at the checkpoint. Use the clouds to get over to the Green Star.
Green Star #3 is to the far left of the pillar that the final Star is on. Use the Cloud to jump off the left side and jump over to the hill. The Green Star is on the hill.

Fluffy Bluff Green Stars

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Comments for Fluffy Bluff Galaxy

3 comments, latest first.
ID #207825 | Nov 11th 2012 Guest
The chimp wasn't hard at all
ID #145918 | May 27th 2012 Guest
you got chimp stomp challenge and every planet has its price backward.
ID #32759 | Mar 15th 2011 Guest
ho thinks chimp was hard?