Flip-Switch Galaxy

Think Before You Shake

This is a pretty straightforward introduction to the flip switches. Just take your time and work the flips. Long Jumps can cut out large sections of the planet.

This one is right out in the open. Just watch the jumps and it's yours. A very galaxy that foreshadows some brutal flip levels to come.

Think Before You Shake

Purple Coin Flip 'n' Sprint

A lot tougher then the standard. Play it nice and slow and watch the Chomps. You need to get all 100 Purple Coins. Time is really not as much of an issue as you think starting it. I ended with over 30 seconds left.

Purple Coin Flip 'n' Sprint

Flip-Switch Green Stars x2

Green Star #1 is just past the 1UP past the second solid platform. It's hovering over the 3 red squares. I prefer to use a nice triple jump then spin. But if your aim is better then mine a backflip spin will get the job done too.
Green Star #2 is past the second 1UP on the far right of the red squares. A little harder to get a triple jump timed right for this one with the Bullet Bills coming at you. Backflip spin and the Green Star is yours.

Flip-Switch Green Stars