Star Was: The Force Unleashed 2 Walkthrough and Guide by swaggers  


HOLOCRON - Experience & Blue Bacta Tank
The first two are right away. Head around the back of the ship and jump on the large boulder there and from there to the ship. The Holocron is on top of the ship. Then Force Grip the large boulder to find the second Holocron underneath it.

HOLOCRON - Life Drain saber crystal
Double jump up to the left of the ship and just above a ridge is a hut. The Holocron is just to the right of the hut by a tree.

HOLOCRON - Green Bacta Tank & Focus saber crystal
Left of the hut is a giant boulder. Move it to reveal the Holocron. The next one is right on the path.

HOLOCRON - Experience
On the path to the cave. Grab it and then enter the cave.

DAGOBAH Collectibles