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Follow the dark path or use the light


Attacking Other Players

Social Empires Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Attacking Other Players

The key element to Social Empires is attacking other users. This is the most fun and is a very competetive part of the game. You are unable to access the world map until you reach Level 6. This is to prevent new players from being out of their depth straight away.


Firstly, you will want to Spy on the enemy. Click the Spy tab (this activates once you have constructed a an Eagles Training Center in your empire). Move the screen around to investigate the various aspects of the enemy's setup.

Launching the Attack

Once you are ready to attack, click the Attack button.

At the top of the screen, you will see how many Attacks you have left, how many Spies you have left, and will be given the ability to select the world to travel to.

Once you've picked your target, you need to choose where you want your army to set out. You will then see a list of objectives. Essentially, you need to take down the enemy's Town Hall. You can monitor how well the battle is going through the Battle Menu, and 'finalize' it when ready.


You can only attack three empires before you have to wait for a six-hour cooldown until you area allowed to attack again. You also can't attack the same empire repeatedly.

Battle Strategies:

You will probably come up with your own strategy for taking on enemy empires, but here are a few to get you started.


With the goal being to take out the enemy's town hall, having a strong contigent of Kamikaze units is a great tip. You can use an initial wave to blow an entrance into the heart of the enemy's empire, then send a second wave in to destroy the town hall.
You can also divert a lot of Kamikazes towards taking out enemy towers, though generally it is advisable to pick your enemy based on how weak his defences are - more units is preferable to lots of towers.

Maximizing XP:

Although it can be tempting to get quests over with as quickly as possible, you will want to maximize the possible supply of XP from each encounter. To do this, rather than heading straight for the town hall, it is advisable to mop up all the units in the base and then destroy everything EXCEPT for the town hall. Then, once you are confident that you have got all the points going around, you can take out the town hall for the win.


If you are trying to keep as many of your units alive as possible, you can try the baiting tactic. This works very well on AI units, whereby you send a few fast units in to lure out the enemy and separate them from the main force. This is good for cautious players but requires strong management of your unit positions.


If something is difficult to get to, for example because of walls or trees blocking the route in, send some Dragons as these can fly over the top and potentially subvert enemy defences or get around the back of their lines.