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Luisa Fortuna's Missions
Red Dead Redemption

Luisa Fortuna's Missions

Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Luisa Fortuna's Missions

(Nuevo Paraiso Walkthrough)

You must complete 'Landon Ricketts Rides Again' in Landon Ricketts' mission line before you can accept a mission from Luisa Fortuna. Once you've done that, meet Luisa at Camp Mirada between 5 a.m. and 2 p.m. to get started.

My Sister's Keeper

The clock at the top of the screen is counting down to sundown; you must get Luisa's sister to the docks far northwest of camp Mirada to complete the mission. You'll use the Fortuna's stagecoach to get her there, so hop in the driver's seat and start following the yellow line on the Mini Map.

Because this is likely your first time driving a stagecoach with four horses attached to it, you may find it a bit difficult to control at first. You need to be especially careful when making turns. Do not whip the horses when you're coming up on a corner and if you're moving quite fast, slow the horses down with RB/R1 so you can turn the corner without going off road.

Use Dead Eye to clear the three soldiers at the first roadblock.

Some Mexican soldiers will stop you just outside of Camp Mirada. After the cutscene, with your Winchester Repeater equipped, take aim, activate Dead Eye, mark each soldier twice and press RT/R2 to waste the three soldiers. With that, ignore any other enemies in the area and continue following the yellow line on the Mini Map.

You will encounter frequent military roadblocks on your way to the docks, which will force you to quickly change routes. As such, it is very important to keep an eye on the Mini Map and listen to Miranda when she calls out a change of direction. The yellow line on the Mini Map will change to reflect the altered route.

Don't bother shooting any of the soldiers as you continue toward the docks. You will need to kill the three cavalry that tail you shortly after you drive down a slope and pass under a bridge. At this point, turn around, activate Dead Eye, mark all three soldiers twice and pull the trigger to take them down.

Once you've dealt with the cavalry, press on to the docks, speeding by any other soldiers you encounter along the way, and hit the yellow marker there to complete the mission.

Getting Miranda to the docks

Must a Savior Die?

Luisa's lover, Abraham Reyes, is scheduled for execution at the El Presidio prison. You must go with Luisa to El Presidio, find a way into the fort and bust Reyes out of there.

El Presidio is quite far from Camp Mirada, but you can skip the trip there while riding shotgun with Luisa. When you reach El Presidio, go to the yellow marker on the Mini Map and climb over the broken wall there to get into the fort. Walk over to the sniping position directly in front of you, pick up the Rolling Block sniper rifle there and look down at the yard through your scope. It seems you made it just in the nick of time; the executioner is dealing with Reyes right now.

Reyes is tied to a post at the back of the yard. Take aim with your sniper rifle and shoot the marked executioner in the head to put him out. With the executioner down, immediately take cover by the wall and equip your Winchester Repeater or Springfield Rifle.

Snipe the executioner to save Reyes.

You must kill the eight marked soldiers next. These soldiers are toting high-powered weaponry, so you really need to be careful here. Take them out one at a time; kill just one soldier before ducking back down and waiting for your health to completely replenish. Aim for their heads too; though auto-aim will always lock on to an target's chest, you can score a headshot by moving the reticule up just a bit and firing once you've locked on.

Take out the soldier on the stairs to your right first; just hit him with a headshot and then drop back down behind cover. Next, kill the soldier on the walkway below the stairs by shooting the TNT crate in the corner. When you lock on to this soldier, use the Right Stick to move the target reticule over to the TNT and shoot it once.

Eliminate the remaining soldiers one by one, then climb down the ladder to your left and sprint to the other end of the walkway toward Reyes. Get down from the walkway and approach Reyes to untie him. After the cutscene, a getaway horse will be marked on the Mini Map by a blue blip, but you can whistle for your own horse if you wish. Once you're on a horse, approach Reyes and he will get on.

The soldiers in El Presidio are armed with heavy weapons, so take your time killing them off.

Make your way out of the fort with Reyes in tow and start following the guide. You will be attacked by the Mexican Army on your way to Luisa, but it's best to try and outrun them rather than engaging them. The guide travels quite fast, so you should be able to avoid the army by matching his speed. If Reyes is shot, he may fall off the back of the horse. If Reyes does fall off the horse, backtrack to him, kill any soldiers nearby, then approach Reyes and he will get back on. Be sure to put away your weapon once you're done with it, as keeping it out will just slow you down.

Continue following the guide until you near Luisa by the river in Perdido. Luisa will appear on the Mini Map as a blue blip, so stop following the guide once you see her and take Reyes to her to complete the mission.

Busting Abraham Reyes out of El Presidio

Father Abraham

Complete 'Cowards Die Many Times' in De Santa's mission line to unlock this mission. Some rebels have spotted a convoy transporting munitions for the Mexican Army. Your task here is to help the rebels ambush the army convoy at Frontera Bridge.

Get in the passenger seat of the wagon and Luisa will start toward the ambush point. You can skip the trip there or sit through it to listen to the dialogue between Luisa and Marston.

When you reach the spot, you must show the rebels where to set the explosives on the road. Use the Y/Triangle button to show them where to plant each dynamite charge. The rebels have five dynamite charges, but you only really need one. Tell the dynamite riggers to plant one charge right in the middle of the road. It doesn't matter how far down the road the charge is planted, just that it's between the two sets of tire tracks visible on the dirt road.

Have the dynamite riggers set a least one charge in the middle of the road.

Spread out the remaining charges before and beyond the charge you've set in the middle of the road. Just make sure the charges aren't too close to each other, although it won't really matter.

When all five charges have been planted, make your way up to the detonator on the hill (the yellow blip on the Mini Map). Approach the detonator and press the Y/Triangle button to get started.

Use the Left Stick to select the charge you've planted in the middle of the road (the active dynamite icon on the Mini Map will blink) and wait until the first wagon rolls over the charge before pushing the detonator with RT/R2. This means letting the cavalry at the front of the convoy walk over the dynamite. As soon as you see the sparkle of the active dynamite on the wagon, push the detonator to blow it.

You'll only really need to destroy the first wagon that rolls over the charge you've planted in the middle of the road. The rebels will kill off the cavalry and the soldiers on the second wagon. You can switch to your Winchester Repeater or Springfield Rifle at this point and pick off the few remaining soldiers if you wish. You can try using the other charges you've planted to kill the cavalry and second wagon, but doing so isn't necessary.

Set off the first charge when the first wagon in the convoy rolls over it.

Captain De Santa's Downfall

Some rebels are on their way to Sepulcro to kill De Santa. Get on your horse and ride with them to the cemetery. Six soldiers accompany De Santa in Sepulcro. You must kill the six soldiers, but leave De Santa alive. You'll need to lasso and hogtie De Santa to learn where Javier Escuella is hiding.

Use cover to protect yourself from enemy gunfire and pick off the six marked soldiers in the cemetery. De Santa is marked on the Mini Map by a skull icon, so steer clear of him until the soldiers have been taken care of.

Once the cemetery is clear, whistle for your horse, hop on and start after De Santa. Equip your Lasso, take aim while riding behind your target and throw the Lasso to rope him in. Get off your horse when De Santa is down and then move in and hogtie him. Pick him up, put him on the back of your horse and bring him to the cemetery entrance.

Kill the soldiers in Sepulcro, but leave De Santa alive.

After the cutscene, you have the choice of killing De Santa or walking away and letting the rebels kill him. Whether you kill him or not won't impact the story in any way (aside from some dialogue), but you might earn a bit more Honor at the end of the mission by walking away.

Once De Santa is dead, mount your horse and start following the yellow line on the Mini Map to Casa Madrugada. When you reach Casa Madrugada, approach the motel and six more Mexican soldiers will appear. Fallback and take cover behind the crates on the left. Use your Winchester Repeater or Springfield Rifle to put down the soldiers in front of the motel and on the second-floor walkway. Kill them all to complete the mission.

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ID #428768 | Jul 31st 2014 Guest
I have completed all of Landon Ricketts's missions, but still no Luisa Fortuna on the map. I haven't completed any of De Santa's missions yet. Could it be I have to complete a few of his missions before Luisa shows up?