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Phylax Sector Zolar Forest, Planet Quantos
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time

Phylax Sector
Zolar Forest, Planet Quantos

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Walkthrough and Guide

by RATCHET12345  

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Zolar Forest, Planet Quantos

[ ] Search Zolar Forest.

After the cutscenes, walk towards Qwark and follow his lead. Avoid walking in to the fire as it will hurt Ratchet. Qwark will eventually reach a bridge, and run away screaming. Use your wrench or your Constructo Pistol (equip it using the Quick Select menu, by holding Triangle and using the Left Analog Stick to navigate to the weapon's icon) to kill the Zyphoids. Jump across the platforms on the bridge until you reach the other side.

There will be more enemies here, so kill them off. Qwark can't die, so don't worry about him. Follow him to the water's edge, and notice the stack of boxes nearby. Walk up to the stack, and then run away. This will activate an explosive box and blow the boxes up without harming Ratchet.

Traverse the platforms past the aforementioned, and now absent stack of boxes, until you're on the other side. You'll notice a machine to your right - go over to it and press Square, and then move the analog stick left and right until the bridge is raised. Qwark will come over and clear a path for you.

[SP] After the cutscene, go up the stairs with Qwark. He can't clear the path, so you'll have to find another way around. There are some small rocky platforms floating in the blue area where time is frozen. Make your way across these and jump off the edge.

After the cutscene, you'll have some enemies do deal with. Shoot them until they die, being wary of the green goo they shoot at you (strafe to make avoiding this easier) and then shoot the miniature versions that appear afterwards.

After all the enemies are dead, focus your attention on the next series of platforms. Jump to the first one, and then to the second one. Activate the explosive crate and jump back to the first one. After the explosion, make your way to the other side and raise this bridge just as you did previously.

There's a nanotech crate here that you can break to replenish your health. You'll also notice that there is a weapons vendor here. Go over to it and press Triangle to shop for new weapons and stock up on ammo. The Constructo Bomb Glove is the only weapon available at the moment, and you should have enough bolts on you, so go ahead and purchase it (be sure to watch the previews too, comedy gold).

Qwark will break down another rocky barrier, and some enemies will run at you. Shoot them as they come down with your Constructo Pistol, or use the Constructo Bomb to kill groups of them at once. Nonetheless, continue along the path when enemies stop coming.

[X] Search Zolar Forest.
[ ] Locate the Missing Children.

After the cutscene, you'll have three Fongoid children to rescue. Well, at least we have something to do other than wondering around aimlessly! Start off with the child behind the mother. Go over to that area and kill all the enemies, and then go over to the child. Lead the child to their mother.

Turn left and go in to the watery area. Before you start to kill enemies (unless they become an immediate threat), notice the purple blob spewing out more enemies? Destroy that, and then kill any remaining small enemies. There will be some bigger enemies to take care of as well, so don't engage with them until you've cleared the vicinity of smaller enemies, otherwise they'll get in your way. Once all the enemies are dead, go to the child and lead them to their mother.

There is one more child left to find. Go up the nearby stairs and watch the cutscene. Notice the pattern - the platforms move every 3 seconds, so get on the first one when it reaches you, and then stay on it so it can take you to the next part.

Get off once the platform stops moving. Do the same for the next moving platform. On the part after the second moving platform, you'll find a Constructo Mod for your Constructo Pistol, the Blast Mod. Equip it if you want, and then continue.

For the next moving platforms bit, get on the first platform when it comes to you, wait for it to move, move on to the second moving platform, wait for that platform to move back to where it was before, and then get off it. Do the same for the next bunch of moving platforms to find the child on a lone island. Wow, if it wasn't for that bolt crank, getting this kid back would be a right bitch! Turn the bolt crank to extend the bridge, and then lead the last child back to their mother. After the cutscene, follow Qwark and the family.

[X] Rescue the Missing Children.
[ ] Escort the Fongoids home.

[SP] After the cutscene, continue to follow Qwark and the family. You'll encounter a whole bunch of enemies, a perfect opportunity for you to use the Constructo Bomb! Remember, there's a LOT of these guys, so don't let them sneak up on you, just let loose and fire away! It'll take quite a bit of shooting but eventually you'll have dealt with the lot.

Continue ahead to encounter another group of enemies. This time, there is an enemy spawner, so destroy it before you start to kill the enemies. Again, use the Constructo Bomb to take them down fast when they're clumped together in groups. Once they're all dead, the Fongoid leader will open a door for you. You can now enter the Fongoid Village.

[X] Escort the Fongoids home.

Go through the village,. There is a weapons vendor here, and Mr. Zurkon is available for purchase. Regardless, go to where the Fongoid leader is standing, near a door. Say "Yes, I can keep a secret" to have the leader open the door. Walk in to the tunnel to enter the Temple of Zahn.

[ ] Search the Temple of Zahn.

[SP] Once you're inside, your buddies will step on the three buttons to open the door for you. Walk through the opening. There will be two streams of fire rotating around in a loop. Simply run behind one and follow it when it's in the middle to make it safely across.

You'll now encounter some rotating wheels with rotating streams of fire on them. Simply jump on to the wheels and run around the flames (you'll be running in the opposite direction to that of the wheel's rotation, so don't stop running). Keep going until you've made it to the other side.

In front of you, there will be streams of fire, moving sort of like a snake. wait until the stream closest to you is on the left, and then run along the right side, being careful not to hit the fire. Now, there will be two streams of fire going in opposite directions in the same circle. Wait until they both pass you, go in to the middle of the circle, wait until they both pass again and then step out of the circle and on to the button. Go through and run up to the item to grab it.

[X] Search the Temple of Zahn.
[ ] Find the 3 Zoni necessary to repair Aphelion.

[SP] There will be a Zoni in this room for you to catch. Go up to it and swing your wrench at it to catch it. After the cutscene, you'll see a second Zoni escaping back towards where you came from. Follow it. With the first bunch of fire streams, wait until they meet in the middle, and then run through and jump right at the end so they don't hit you.

The next streams move really slowly, so just run past them. The next streams move at a moderate pace, so wait for them to pass, and then run past them. The streams on the wheels are now rotating much faster, so it's best to run in the same direction as the wheel is rotating and jump over the stream when it reaches you. Make your way across the wheels using this technique, and then proceed to catch the second Zoni.

[ ] Defend the Fongoids from Lord Vorselon!

After the cutscene, smash the two enemies with your wrench, and then proceed down the stairs. Take out your Constructo Pistol and take down the enemies. There's a lot of them but as long as you strafe and keep moving they won't pose much of a threat to you.

The floating troops move around quite a bit and can he hard to keep track of, so keep a bit of a distance so that Ratchet will lock on to them and track them for you. The ground troops advance on you really fast, so kill them before they reach you. After all the enemies are dead, follow the leader and he'll open a door for you.

[SP] Go up the stairs with the leader and turn right. Shoot all the troops advancing on you and continue along the path. There will be more floating enemies outside, so shoot them all down with your Constructo Pistol. After all the enemies in the vicinity are dead, a wave of small flying enemies will rush at you.

Take out your Constructo Bomb (if you have it) and fire a few bombs in to the back, and then shoot the rest down with your Constructo Pistol. A mech will now appear, so use the block  in the middle of the field as cover, strafing out to shoot and then back behind the block. Your Constructo Bomb will deal with the mech faster.

[X] Defend the Fongoids from Lord Vorselon!
[ ] Track down Vorselon's ship.

Continue to follow the leader once the mech has been destroyed. He will go in to another room, where the last Zoni in the level will be waiting for you. Collect it with your wrench.

[X] Find the 3 Zoni necessary to repair Aphelion.

Follow the leader. He will go up some stairs and activate a teleporter so you can get back to your ship. Go to your ship and the Zoni will repair it, and then get back in your ship and fly in to space.

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Zolar Forest, Planet Quantos


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