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Molonoth Fields, Torren IV
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time

Molonoth Fields, Torren IV

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Walkthrough and Guide

by RATCHET12345  

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Molonoth Fields, Torren IV

[X] Travel to Molonoth Fields, Torren IV
[ ] Find directions to Volgram Pass

[SP] After you're out of your ship, walk forwards and then to your left. Jump on to the platform with the yellow lights on it, and then continue along the metal platforms. Use your kinetic tether to pull the platform towards you, and then jump on it. It will automatically rotate back to where it was.

Use your kinetic tether again, this time to lower the jump pad. Get on the jump pad and jump, and then talk to the Vullard on this platform. Pick the first option, and after he stops talking (or after you skip the speech), lower the jump pad you'll find here and jump on it to be thrown to the other side of this area.

[X] Find directions to Volgram Pass
[ ] Travel to the Hollow.

Some enemies will pop out of the ground, so use your Sonic Eruptor or your Constructo Pistol to kill them. Pull down the jump pad and then jump on it to reach a higher platform. Kill the enemy waiting at the front of the pipe, and the enemy at the other end of the pipe. He fires a slow projectile at you, so jump or strafe out of the way to avoid it. Go through the pipe and on to the metallic platform.

After the cutscene, continue along the rocky platform. You'll find a jump pad and another large object that you can rotate with your kinetic tether. Pull the jump pad down and stand on it. Rotate the large object, and then immediately use the jump pad to land on the platform on the large object, which will quickly rotate back to where it was before.

Move on to the next platform and step on to the Grind Rail when the fire stops. Jump over the electric obstacles, and you'll eventually be thrown to a distant area. Step forward, and after the cutscene, follow the Vullard. He'll step in to a room with a rogue Battery Bot. Pick up the Battery Bot by swinging your wrench at it, and then throw it at the red plug in the wall.

[X] Travel to the Hollow.
[ ] Help end Code 11-13.

[SP] After the cutscene, go to where the Vullard is standing. Jump on to the platform nearby when the fire stops, and continue along these platforms until you reach the top. Pull the jump pad down and then pick the Battery Bot up. Jump on the jump pad and throw the Battery Bot in to the plug.

Go back down to the ground, and go around the small isolated room to where another Vullard is standing. Go up the stairs, pick the Battery Bot up and throw it in to the plug to activate the bridge. Go over to the other side, and cross the narrow beam to your right. Pick up the Battery Bot on the other side and throw it at the plug.

Go back across the beam after the blades retract, and go back across the bridge. Go to where a group of Vullards are standing to find another Battery Bot. Pick it up and throw it at the plug to retract the compactors. Go through the machinery and pick up the Battery Bot here, and then throw it at the plug to activate the compactors.

[X] Help end Code 11-13.
[ ] Venture into Volgram Pass.

Go in to the isolated room mentioned earlier and after you see the compressor go down, step on to the conveyor belt. Go under the first compressor and then run up to the second one. Again, wait for the compressor to come down, and then go forwards and under the compressor once it goes up again. Jump over the streams of fire and on to the jump pad, and then jump to the next section.

[SP] Kill the enemies you'll find up here, and then make your way over to the next conveyor belt. Like before, wait until the compressors block your path, and then continue forwards once they re-open. Kill the enemy at the end of the conveyor belt and turn left. Step on to the conveyor belt, go up to the streams of fire, wait for them to deactivate and then run to the end.

A bunch of enemies will appear here, so throw a few bombs at them or use your Sonic Eruptor to take them down. There'll be quite a few enemies to take care of, but they won't all spawn at once, so don't worry. Once they're all dead, a cutscene will ensue. After the cutscene, you'll be on a Grind Rail.

[X] Venture into Volgram Pass.
[ ] Chase down Alister Azimuth.

Jump over the electrical hazards and the gap in the Grind Rail. Push the left stick to the left and press X when you see another Grind Rail to your left to jump to that rail. Repeat this technique when you see a rail to your right, but move the Left Analog Stick to the right instead of to the left. Jump over the gap and then jump to the rail on the left.

Jump over the next gap after the explosion creates a gap in the rail, and jump over the next gap, also created by a sudden explosion. Jump to the wooden rail to the left when you see a third explosion, and keep moving to the rail on the left before you hit the stream of fire at the end of each rail.

Rail jump twice to the right, and then once to the left. Jump over the electrical obstacles and then rail jump to the right. Rail jump to the left and jump over the yellow bombs Azimuth is dropping on to the rails. Rail jump to the right, jump over the electrical obstacle, and then rail jump to the left twice. Rail jump to the left once again from the construction girder, and eventually you'll reach the end of the Grind Rail and see a cutscene.

[X] Chase down Alister Azimuth.
[ ] Master the Hoverboots.

After the cutscene, you'll have to learn how to use the Hoverboots. Equip your hover boots by pressing Right on the D-Pad, and then go for a spin. Use the Left Analog Stick to move around, and R2 to go faster. Eventually, Azimuth will say he's set up a training course. Talk to him to begin the course. Watch the demonstration, and then begin the course.

Move forward on to the brown pad to get thrown in to the air. Land on the platform in front of you and accelerate off the ramp. Press Square to latch on to the bolt crank, use the Left Analog Stick to aim at the brown platform in front of you, and then press Square again to be launched forwards and then propelled in to the sky.

Land on the higher platform, and then accelerate off the ramp and kick off the kick pads by pressing X on impact. After the cutscene, accelerate at the brown platform and then hold X in midair to glide to where Azimuth is. When he asks, say "Sure, let's go!", unless you want to practice more.

[SP] Follow Azimuth, and after the cutscene, start the final course. Simply run over the flares to get them. Accelerate off the ramp, kick off all 3 kick pads, and accelerate off the next ramp. After you land, turn left and accelerate off the next ramp, kick off the kick pads and latch on to the bolt crank. Aim at the brown platform and let go off the bolt crank when the platform lowers itself.

Glide to the long platform in the distance, and then accelerate along it and then off the ramp. Accelerate off the next ramp and on to the Grind Rail. Ride the Grind Rail, collecting the final few flares, until you're flung back to the starting position.

[X] Master the Hoverboots.
[ ] Return to Aphelion.

[SP] After the cutscene, you'll have to return to your ship. There's a Zoni at the starting ramp of the course, and if you follow it, it will deviate from the course and lead you back to your ship. Catch the Zoni, and then set course for Axiom City, Planet Terachnos!

[X] Return to Aphelion.
[ ] Travel to Axiom City, Planet Terachnos.

Head towards Axiom City, Planet Terachnos. Once you reach the planet, you'll notice it has a barrier surrounding it. To get through, you'll have to hold R2 to use your Thrustmaster 500 to get through. If you haven't collected at least 6 Zoni at this point in the game, you'll have to find Zoni until you've got 6 Zoni to unlock the Thrustmaster 500. Once you're through the barrier, you can land on the planet.

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