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Great Clock Great Clock, Sector One
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time

Great Clock
Great Clock, Sector One

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Walkthrough and Guide

by RATCHET12345  

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Great Clock, Sector One

[ ] Escape Dr. Nefarious' clutches!

After the cutscene, run forwards. The ground below you will break, but you'll land on the platform below. Turn left, but watch out as some of the glass walkways will break, so avoid falling off the walkway. Run to the left and keep running until you see a green being telling you where to go. Go up the small ramp. Go through the air duct and out the other side.

[X] Escape Dr. Nefarious' clutches!
[ ] Complete optical calibration test.

Here, you'll have to calibrate the camera controls. Simply move the right analog stick in the direction you want to look at each of the ocular scanners until they turn green to complete the optical calibration test. Remember that there is a Camera Controls section in the Options menu if you wish to make changes to the camera settings.

[X] Complete optical calibration test.
[ ] Follow the Caretaker's instructions.

Continue forwards and you'll see a crash in front of you. There are two platforms that will lead you to the other side, but you'll need to jump over the gaps between them. Jump across the two platforms, turn right and jump across the next two platforms.

[SP] After you've entered the room, another crash will occur in front of you. The game will tell you how to give Clank a boost in midair. You'll have to use this technique to make your way across these platforms. Boost your way up each one, and then continue through the door.

There will be a big pile of boxes in front of you. Punch your way through them (punch them all for more bolts) and then continue forward. The Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler will enter and cause more havoc. Use the aforementioned boost technique to make your way across the gaps and to the higher platforms. The last gap requires you to use all three boosts available to you, so space the boosts out rather than using them all at once.

Once you're on the other side, continue forward. In this next room, two enemies will lurch forward at you. One punch will destroy them, so take them down quickly before they have a chance to attack you. Make your way forwards, jump on to the platform on your left, and then up to the platform there the caretaker is waiting for you.

Follow the caretaker in to the next room. Two enemies will be shooting at you,so take cover behind the piece of metal near the edge of the platform. The Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler will crash in to the roof, and time will slow down, so use this opportunity to make your way across the spinning platform to the other side.

Run through the door and turn right. Continue forward, but beware of the glass bridge breaking. Jump and boost over the gap, and then turn right and go through the door.

Three enemies will lurch at you, so punch them all. Continue forwards in to the next room. Wait for the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler to show up, and he'll slow down time again, as well as place some small platforms in the gap you need to traverse. How convenient!

Jump and boost to the small platforms, and then jump and boost to the big blue platform. Quickly jump and boost to the next set of small platforms, and then to the last blue platform. The smaller platforms will disperse after a while, so be quick about it!

Go in to the next room, and walk up the stairs, on to the balcony.

[X] Follow the Caretaker's instructions.

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Great Clock, Sector One


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