9: The Part Where...

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CHAPTER 9: The Part Where...

Big Time Danger


Big Time Danger


Hit the Faith Plate and SURPRISE. A couple Plates later you'll be in a tunnel and finally in front of Wheatley. 

The Part Where He Kills You -- 20 -- That is this part

You'll get this achievement automatically.

Put a BLUE on the small leak of White Gel at the top and then a ORANGE on the angle. Your platform will be coated so quickly move the ORANGE to get out of the trap.

Pit Boss -- 30 -- Show that pit who's boss

As you start to move away Wheatley will call you back. Listen to him and come back. He'll be surprised and ask you to just jump into the pit so go ahead. You'll get the achievement and then be loaded back into the trap to try again.

Continue along the path until you get to the end of the catwalk. Move a BLUE portal to the top highest wall square and then jump off and place the ORANGE on the ground to fling on over.

Wheatley will miss you with another trap so just portal around it and move on.



Lots of Turrets


With all the damage Wheatley has done you can't even get into the next puzzle on the catwalk. So Portal in and you'll fall right into the middle of a large number of defective turrets. Just walk out the door and drop on to the catwalk below.

Continue forward and you will come to a large group of turrets. Creep forward and place a ORANGE at the end of the tunnel. Then place BLUE one after the other behind the turrets to push them out into oblivion. Then jump into the stream to take you to the far area. Jump out before going into the grinder FYI.

Place the portals in this next room so that you can ride the stream out the door. Then when Wheatley tries to smash you move the portal to the lower white to travel backwards away from the smashing.

When you get to the big area with all the turrets throw a ORANGE up to the ceiling to your left and a BLUE on the column right behind you. Stand on the switch and turn around and place a BLUE under the Gel. Then place one high on the right to coat and destroy all the turrets. Then portal over to the Faith Plate by the pipe top finish the are.





When you get to the room with the button and the broken glass put a BLUE portal under the pipe and a ORANGE on the room on the wall with the glass. Hit the button and bombs will fall through the BLUE, out the ORANGE, and hit the White Gel pipe. Move the ORANGE to the floor and drop out to the catwalk.

Walk out onto the conveyor belt. Wheatley will start it up going the wrong direction so jump to the next catwalk. Drop a ORANGE beneath the pipes to the right and the BLUE under the Propulsion Pipe and hit the button for some more bomb action. Now move the ORANGE to the back of the conveyor belt to coat the belt and then run the length of the conveyor to get to the far side.

In the next room simply place the ORANGE at the back of the hallway to coat the area in Propulsion Gel. Then put the BLUE under the stream and run down the hall and get propelled into the stream. Drop out of the stream at the end and it's time to end this.





This final battle is actually very easy.

STAGE 1: First off run over to the White Conversion Gel pipe and wait for Wheatley to throw a bomb and blow the pipe open. Now place a BLUE on any of the high wall pieces and a ORANGE right at your feet. Wheatley will throw a bomb and it will hit him in the head. Now move the BLUE to the right wall piece by the catwalk. Portal up and grab the new Core and drop down and insert in into Wheatley.

STAGE 2: Now place the BLUE under Wheatley and a ORANGE at your feet. You'll hit him from the bottom. You'll then need to portal back to the catwalk and jump and use the Repulsion Gel to leap up and grab the next core. Then use the small spot of Repulsion Gel on the ground to place it on Wheatley.

STAGE 3: This time to need to make sure that the high ORANGE portal is behind Wheatley as he has protected his top and bottom at the front. Some Propulsion Gel will spew out all over the floor. Place the ORANGE at the back of the wall and the BLUE on the floor right next to it. Run through the ORANGE and into the air to get the final core.

A small fence area will open. Place a ORANGE in there on the ceiling and a BLUE under Wheatley and portal through. The ceiling will fall open and place the ORANGE ON THE MOON. Yes you heard me. Then just watch and enjoy the ending.

Lunacy -- 20 -- That just happened


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Omg, I love this so much, and because of this, I know how to beat this level, and I have beaten it 10 times since I have watched these videos!!!! Thank you so much Swagger!!

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your the best swaggers

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The game was freakin awesome

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What a wonderful ending. Nicely done Swaggers.

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