New Game Things to Do

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

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New Game Things to Do

Opening Items

Head downstairs and you'll be introduced to Looker. He's looking for the remaining 6 Sages and asks if you can't help. He'll also give you a Super Rod. Completely unrelated. Anyway. The six are all over the region and if you find them they give you a Move and then Looker shows up to arrest them.

After that head outside and talk to your friends. Cedric will then come up and give you the NationalDex and it's time to do whatever you want. Unlike previous games there is no real order. Just general things to do.

Get all the Legenaries
Capture the 6 Sages
Fight The Elite Four again


You can now search for and capture Kyurem and Volcarone. Check out our Legendary Guide for where they are and how best to catch them.

Elite Four Take 2 Plus Champion

Shauntal is up the lower left stairs. She is a Ghost type user.

Cofagrigus - Lvl 71 [Ghost] - Weak to: Ghost / Dark
Golurk - Lvl 71 [Ground / Ghost] - Weak to: Water / Grass / Ice / Ghost / Dark
Chandelure - Lvl 73 [Ghost / Fire] - Weak to: Water / Ground / Rock / Ghost / Dark
Jellicent - Lvl 71 [Water / Ghost] - Weak to: Grass / Electric / Ghost / Dark
Froslass - Lvl 71 [Ice / Ghost] - Weak to: Fire / Rock / Ghost / Dark / Steel
Drifblim - Lvl 71 [Ghost / Flying] - Weak to: Electric / Ice / Rock / Ghost / Dark

Grimsley is in the upper left stairs. He is a Dark type user.

Scrafty - Lvl 71 [Dark / Fighting] - Weak to: Fighting / Flying
Krookodile - Lvl 71 [Ground / Dark] - Weak to: Water / Grass / Ice / Fighting / Bug
Liepard -  Lvl 71 [Dark / Steel] - Weak to: Fighting / Fire / Ground
Bisharp -  Lvl 73 [Dark] - Weak to: Fighting / Bug
Sharpedo - Lvl 71 [Water / Dark] - Weak to: Grass / Electric / Fighting / Bug
Drapion - Lvl 71 [Posion / Dark] - Weak to: Ground

Caitlin is in the upper right stairs. She is a Pyschic type user.

Reuiclus - Lvl 71 [Psychic] - Weak to: Bug / Ghost / Dark
Musharna - Lvl 71  [Psychic] - Weak to: Bug / Ghost / Dark
Sigilyph - Lvl 71 [Psychic / Flying] - Weak to: Electric / Ice / Rock / Ghost / Dark
Gothitelle - Lvl 71 [Psychic] - Weak to: Bug / Ghost / Dark
Metagross - Lvl 73 [Steel / Psychic] - Weak to: Fire / Ground
Bronzong - Lvl 71 [Steel / Psychic] - Weak to: Fire

Marshal is in the lower right stairs. He is a Fighting type user.

Throh - Lvl 71 [Fighting] - Weak to: Flying / Psychic
Sawk - Lvl 71 [Fighting] - Weak to: Flying / Psychic
Mienshao - Lvl 71 [Fighting] - Weak to: Flying / Psychic
Conkeldurr - Lvl 73 [Fighting] - Weak to: Flying / Psychic
Breloom - Lvl 71 [Grass / Fighting] - Weak to: Flying / Fire / Ice / Poison / Psychic
Toxicroak - Lvl 71 [Fighting / Poison] - Weak to: Psychic / Ground / Flying

Alder is once again after the statue where he was when he lost to N the first time.

Accelgor - Lvl 75 [Bug] - Weak to: Fire / Flying / Rock
Bouffalant - Lvl 75 [Normal] - Weak to: Fighting
Escavalier - Lvl 75 [Bug / Steel] - Weak to: Fire
Volcarona - Lvl 77 [Bug / Fire] - Weak to: Ground / Water / Flying
Druddigon - Lvl 75 [Dragon] - Weak to: Dragon / Ice
Vanilluxe - Lvl 75 [Ice] - Weak to: Fire / Fighting / Rock / Steel

Then get recorded in the Hall of Fame and you've finish the game a second time.

Locations of the Six Remaining Sages

Rood - TM32 Double Team
Rood is on Route 18 which is West on Route 1. You can also pick up Waterfall in this area which you will need for other end game items. He is on the Southwestern corner of the far left island.

Gorm - TM75 Swords Dance
Go back to The Dreamyard and now that you have Strength you can push the stones into the holes and move into new area. He's behind a wall on the East side.

Bronius - TM69 Rock Polish
He's at the Southern point inside Chargestone Cave. He will be by a wall.

Giallo - TM08 Bulk Up
On Route 14 after Undella Town. Use Waterfall (I told you, you would need it) to climb to the top.

Ryoku - TM04 Calm Mind
Head back to Relic Castle and get to the bottom. New sand makes it possible to reach a door you couldn't reach before. He is in a room right before Volcarona a Legendary.

Zinzolin - TM01 Hone Claws
Very easy. In a container in Cold Storage.


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Larvesta evolves into volarona. So it's NOT legendary.

Added 26th Aug 2013, ID #306849

thanks, what do you do when you have caught all unova and johto, sinno pokemon

Added 31st May 2013, ID #286732

You can not find ghetis, because he is part of the black/white 2 story.

Added 13th Oct 2012, ID #195711

he is in the team plasma frigate before you battle him before you can catch kyrem in white 2/black 2

Added 7th Jul 2015, ID #581218

where is ghetis? what do you do after you find the six sages? please answer if you do i will get you a level 100 keldeo. true!

Added 30th Sep 2012, ID #190294


Added 11th Aug 2012, ID #174752

what pokemon would be the best one to fight a lendary

Added 23rd Feb 2012, ID #117514

I want a lv 100 starter final evolution. Did you cheat for them

Added 1st Feb 2012, ID #111311

i can give alot of people level 100s(on the weekend).

Added 23rd Jan 2012, ID #108616

i have cobalion great for catching because it can learn false swipe

Added 15th Dec 2011, ID #95253

its not its just not got a good story line

Added 7th Dec 2011, ID #93312

White and black is like the worst game ever there is nothing to do on it!!!

Added 11th Nov 2011, ID #86634

you can get terrakion in the path to the pokemon league hope this helped

Added 24th Oct 2011, ID #82714


Added 10th Oct 2011, ID #79576

to get strength you fly to nimbasa city and end up in front of the pokemon centre take a few steps to the right and go up that path and take the first turn to the left and there will be two grey buildings check them both cause im not sure which one but just talk to everyone

Added 6th Oct 2011, ID #78637

volcarona is not legendary but kyurem is

Added 10th Aug 2011, ID #65875

what do i do after ive found the 6 sages somebody help me

Added 27th Jul 2011, ID #61674

Where do I get terrakion

Added 21st Jul 2011, ID #59850

where do i get strenth?

Added 15th Jul 2011, ID #58037

Mc Awsome Sauce

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Added 19th Jun 2011, ID #50280


Added 1st Jun 2011, ID #46359

pokemon white is the best game ever

Added 6th May 2011, ID #41700


Added 25th Apr 2011, ID #39810