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Pokemon White

Legend Badge

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Legend Badge

Dragonspiral Tower

Dragonspiral Tower

Tall Grass - Deerling / Druddigon / Mienfoo / Tranquill
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino / Emolga / Unfezant

Tall Grass - Deerling / Druddigon / Mienfoo / Trainquill
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino / Emolga / Unfezant
Dark Grass - Druddigon / Mienfoo / Sawsbuck / Tranquill

Tall Grass - Cubchoo / Deerling / Mienfoo / Vanillite
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino / Emolga

Tall Grass - Cubchoo / Deerling / Mienfoo / Vanillite
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino
Dark Grass - Beartic / Mienfoo / Sawsbuck / Tranquill

(Req: Surf) Water Surface - Basculin
(Req: Surf) Water Surface (Ripples) - Basculin
(Req: Rod) Fishing - Basculin / Dragonair / Dratini
(Req: Rod) Fishing (Ripples) - Basculin / Dragonair / Dragonite / Dratini

2F - Golett

Head through the Dark Grass on the top section to get to a Nugget. Another big conversation at the entrance where everyone gets their role to play and you go inside.

From the bridge use Surf to go right to a couple of trainers and TM63 Embargo and then Surf back and head inside.

At the broken columns room use Strength to push the boulder into the hole but before going up the stairs head around to the back right for a Hyper Potion. Then up the stairs and head down first to get the Stardust on the broken column. Then move on to the next room.

At the ramps go down and the left on the bottom one as far as you can. 3 jumps. Then up 3 jumps, right one, up and right to finally to get a Shiny Stone. Then repeat only stop at the platform with the stairs.

Brycen and Cheren are holding Team Plamsa at bay on the next level. Well somewhat because you still have to fight 5 Grunts on the way to the next area. Before leaving the room head to the far right to get a Dragon Fang.

In the circle room work your way around the area getting the Stardust, Revive and Star Piece before going up the stairs to the next area.

Grab the Max Elixir and then Gallo, one of the seven sages, will have 4 Grunts surround you. You have to beat them all with no healing in between before you can move on.

Finally at the top have a scene with N getting Reshiram and then flying off. You'll be automatically taken to the entrance where everyone will let you know that you should head to the Relic Castle to find out more information.

Desert Resort

Desert Resort

Desert - Darumaka / Dwebble / Maractus / Sandile / Sigilyph
Desert Entrance - Darumaka / Dwebble / Maractus / Sandile / Scraggy

Fly to Nimbasa City and exit to the South to Route 4. Go left on the road and then north into the Desert Resort. Although this may or may not be your first time here this is a very low level area with Pokemon being in the 20s. So its up to you if you want to fight the trainers or not. If you have some lower Pokemon you want to level you can put them in the lead to get some EXP and let your main take a break. There are still a lot of items to get in the desert though so I'll tell you all about them.

The guy to the north against the wall as you enter the main Desert area is a Doctor. Beat him and he'll heal you when you need it. Which you shouldn't here.

To the North of the Doctor in a depression is the first item. BlackGlasses. From there talk to the guy just Northwest of the BlackGlasses to get some Soft Sand. West of him is some Fresh Water. A little Northwest of that on top of a sand dune is a Super Potion and then just South of that is a Stardust. Now head to the South wall and there is a Fire Stone in a nook. Now go up and left through a break in the rocks. There are 2 Rangers over here handing out Rawst Berries for wins and most importantly is TM39 Rock Tomb in the bottom left corner of the map. Finally go all the way North to the top left corner for a Heart Scale.

At the Castle entrance in the Northeast is a unique Pokemon for the game. Not considered Legendary but still rare. Give one of the statues in front of the Castle the RageCandyBar and it will transform into Darmanitan.

Once you've captured Darmanitan your friends will of course come up after you've done all the work and then you can go inside.

Relic Castle

Relic Castle

1F / B1F / Tower 1F - Sandile / Yamask
B2F to B5F - Cofagrigus / Krokorok

Once inside head to the left and fall into the first set of quicksand, this drops you down to the level below and gives you access to a Revive. The back up to the stairs to the top level. If you run you will be sucked into the quicksand. So WALK around this entire level to keep from falling down where you don't want to. Walk around the top and talk to the man on the right of the last sand put and he will offer you a Fossil. Cover will become Tirtouga, Plume with become Archen. Take these to the man on the right desk at the Nacrene Museum. Then head down the stairs.

A quick Plasma Grunt battle and drop down then next quicksand. Grab the Max Potion and then fight two more Grunt before working your way around to the bottom middle. Grab the TM30 Shadow Ball and then fall down the next quicksand.

Fight the Grunt on the left and grab the Max Revive. Another Grunt to the left and get the PP Up behind him. If you really want ALL the items then drop down the quicksand in the middle by the first Grunt to get a Sun Stone, it's a small item for the pain of climbing back up 2 levels and then falling back to where you were. It's your choice. The move on with the Castle fall down the bottom left quicksand by the Grunt.

Two Grunt battles and a quick trip to another quicksand and you'll fall into the final chamber with Adler and Ghetsis. Afterwards you are back outside and everyone tells you to fly over to the Museum at Nacrene.

Nacrene City

Narcrene City

A very fast trip to Nacrene. Head to the Museum and everyone will meet you outside. You'll be given the Dark Stone (Light Stone in Black) and then told to move on to Opelucid City from Icirrus City.

Before you fly off head into the Museum with a space open in your party and trade in the Fossil you got from Relic Castle to the man on the right desk. Then use Fly to get back to Icirrus City.

Route 8

Route 8

Wetlands - Palpitoad / Shelmet / Stunfisk
Tall Grass - Deerling / Druddigon / Mienfoo / Tranquill
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino / Emolga / Unfezant

(Req: Surf) Water Surface - Stunfisk
(Req: Surf) Water Surface (Ripples) - Seismitoad / Stunfisk
(Req: Rod) Fishing - Barboach / Stunfisk
(Req: Rod) Fishing (Ripples) - Barboach / Stunfisk / Whiscash

Leave Icirrus City from the Eastern area heading North to get to Route 8. The Rangers here give Pecha Berries which you get on the way to the Northwestern corner for a Poison Barb. Then follow the Northern tree line to TM36 Sludge Bomb. Now Surf across the pond to it's Southeastern corner for a Full Heal. Finally on the Northeastern corner is a Ultra Ball.

There is a exit to the Moor of Icirrus in the trees in the Northeastern corner but there really isn't a good reason to go there. The Pokemon are the same as they are here and there are just basic items. Feel free to head over there and look around if you really want to.

Then head to the Southeast to exit to Tubeline Bridge. Before going on the gate talk to the Parasol Lady behind the cement wall. She will give you an item once a day. Morning - Damp Rock, Afternoon - Heat Rock, Evening - Smooth Rock & Night - Icy Rock.

Before you can get to the gate though Bianca ATTACKS!

SNIVY - Lvl 38 Stoutland [Normal], Lvl 38 Simisear [Fire], Lvl 30 Samourott [Water], Lvl 38 Musharna
TEPIG - Lvl 38 Stoutland [Normal], Lvl 38 Simipoyr [Water], Lvl 30 Sperperior [Grass], Lvl 38 Musharna
OSHAWATT- Lvl 38 Stoutland [Normal], Lvl 38 Simisage [Grass], Lvl 30 Emboar [Fire / Fighting], Lvl 38 Musharna

Tubeline Bridge to Route 9

Tubeline Bridge / Route 9

Tall Grass - Duosion [W] / Garbodar / Gothorita [B] / Liepard / Minccino / Pawniard
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino / Cinccino / Emolga / Gothitelle [B] / Reuniclus [W]
Dark Grass - Duosion [W] / Garbodar / Gothorita [B] / Liepard / Minccino / Pawniard

There is really only one thing to do on the Bridge and that is get TM43 Flame Charge from the boy running in circles in the middle of the bridge. After that you'll have a brief coversation with Ghetsis at the end and then you're on to Route 9.

As you enter Route 9 you'll get TM56 Fling thrown at you automatically. Then head down the right side and under the fence and all the way to the left for a HP Up and then a Full Restore below that. You can't get into the Cave until you've finished the game so the only other thing to do is check out the Shopping Mall for items and fight all the various Trainers both in the Mall and also on Route 9. Finally go through the gate on the right to Opelucid City.

Opelucid City

Opelucid City

As you enter the city you'll watch a speech from Ghetsis and then when he leaves be introduced to Drayden and Iris. There are a few things you can do before going to the house and then the gym.

First let's go to the house to the left of the fountain. The man in the hat has 4 Props for the Musical if you come back and talk to him on 4 different days. The house on the right of the top two in the city is a Battle House. You can do Triple Battles here. (Doubles in Black). In the second floor of the house above the PokeCenter you can get a Cell Battery if you can show him a Pokemon you caught from the Black version with Charge like Zebstrika or Klink.

Drayden's House is in the middle of town. He'll talk to you but he doesn't really know anything. Before leaving go to the second floor and get a Float Stone from the man at the table and a Ring Target from the other man at the table.

Then head to the Gym at the top of the left road.

Legend Badge

FRESH WATER! Yeah. Then the gym. This one has you running all over the bodies and paths of 3 dragon bodies and it's actually pretty easy to get lost so kudos to them for actually making the last 2 gyms a challenge.

Go forwards and fight the first of many Trainers and then go down the right side path. Follow the tail up and take a right at the first fork and over the little jump. Fight the Trainer and then go left and jump down to the hand for a dragon shift. Go up the head and then down the path and fight the Trainer. After that jump down to the next hand and another shift. Climb the head again and fight the next Trainer and then its left to the next dragon's hand. Go down the tail, fight the trainer and go left. Take a right at the fork so that you can drop down on the next hand. Now back up the head and go North and then down the stairs and fight the next trainer. We will be running out of Trainers soon.

Now head South and jump to the next hand button. This is the only tricky part because you need to loop back around and hit this exact same hand button again. To do this go tail and you'll get back to the stairs area.

Now go head and come around, fighting a trainer, and hitting the other hand button. Then head up the head and go right at the first chance and fight the trainer. Then left so you drop down and the head will rise to the Leader's platform.


Iris - Lvl 41 Fraxture [Dragon], Lvl 41 Druddigon [Dragon] & Lvl 43 Haxorus
Recommended level: 46

This was the first battle playing as Tepig/Emboar that I though would be a challenge as Dragon is only weak to Dragon and Ice and I had none of it. Unfortunately I was 10 levels higher than them and the fast that ALL they did was Dragon Dance they were all dead before they even took the time to swing once.

Afterwards Juniper will meet you outside and take you to Route 10 where she will give you the Master Ball. This PokeBall AUTO captures anything. Even if it's the first thing you do. You can get one more if you've traded with more then 50 people but for most people this will be the 1 and only 1 we get so use it wisely on a Legendary you want BAD. Then head out onto Route 10 as we make our way to the Pokemon League.

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