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Pokemon White

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Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Route 7 - Take 2

Route 7 - Take 2

Not much more to do this second times. Starting from the house where you can heal your Pokemon head right on the raised walkway. Fight the trainer and go around to the right exit to get TM81 X-Scissor. Then simply go north over the next walkway, again fighting a single trainer, and you'll be at Twist Mountain.

Twist Mountain

Twist Mountain

Cave - Boldore / Cryogonal / Cubchoo / Gurdurr / Woobat
Cave (Dust Cloud) - Drilbur

As you head to the stairs Cheren will come to you for a Pokemon battle.

SNIVY - Lvl 33 Unfezant [Normal / Flying], Lvl 35 Pignite [Fire / Fighting], Lvl 33 Simisage [Grass] & Lvl 33 Liepard [Dark]
TEPIG - Lvl 33 Unfezant [Normal / Flying], Lvl 35 Dewott [Water], Lvl 33 Simisear [Fire] & Lvl 33 Liepard [Dark]
OSHAWATT - Lvl 33 Unfezant [Normal / Flying], Lvl 35 Servine [Grass], Lvl 33 Simipour [Water] & Lvl 33 Liepard [Dark]

Afterwards Alder will come and give you HM03 Surf. Lots of stuff opens up with Surf but we're going to continue the main story and hit the side areas afterwards. There is a trainer at the top before you actually can head into the main mountain area. Clay is inside but just has a few words for you. Nothing special.

Start by head straight up on the walkway to get to a Revive. Head now along the south side past the door to get a Full Heal. Now through the door and you'll have your first trainer battle. The middle exit north is for a trainer if you want more battles, otherwise continue to the far high right exit to continue on.

A trainer is right outside the door then go north along the walkway to get back inside the mountain. The middle rock above the stairs is a hidden trainer. There are a few of these sneaky trainers on Twist Mountain. Before going down the stairs continue right to get a Moon Stone. In the next hall you can head to the bottom rock area for another hidden trainer before exiting back outside.

If it's Winter outside you'll be able to move around easier. First head north along the path to get a Max Potion. Then south along the path for an Ether. Now go back to the exit you just came out of and cross the snow to the left to get to Doctor. You have to beat him and then he will heal you anytime you need. He is on the far left on the walkway next to a door.

Head in the door right next to the doctor and we'll get a few items, along with a few trainers. There is a PP Up on the top left and a Nugget as you go down the right side.

Next there is a door low and right that is only available in Winter. In here is a small room with a Metal Coat. Now go in the middle low door. Work your way through to the end. You'll come back here later to evolve a Pokemon but for now just grab TM91 Flash Cannon.

Finally in Winter you can get to the high right door on the walkway. In the other seasons this area is cut off. Continue to the next door and go right and then down. Continue around the lower lip to get TM90 Substitute. Then head up the far right corridor to the the door to the area. In the other seasons you'd simply enter the door outside on the right side to access the corridor directly. Then talk to your friends and exit to Icirrus City.

Icirrus City

Icirrus City

Wetlands - Palpitoad / Shelmet / Stunfisk

(Req: Surf) Water Surface - Stunfisk
(Req: Surf) Water Surface (Ripples) - Seismitoad / Stunfisk
(Req: Rod) Fishing - Barboach / Stunfisk
(Req: Rod) Fishing (Ripples) - Barboach / Stunfisk / Whiscash

In the Winter the Wetlands are frozen and you can't get any wild Pokemon.

In the PokeCenter the man on the right will buy you rock like Moon Stones and Nuggets and the nice lady on the left will give you TM31 Brick Break. Talk to the 4 musicians just to the left of the PokeCenter and they will add clapping to your soundtrack. If it's Winter you can get a Rare Candy to left of the musicians.

Then enter the house just to the left of the musicians and this is the Pokemon Fan Club. The lady on the left will tell you how happy your Pokemon are with you and the President will give you something based on how many levels you've leveled your Pokemon. A Pokemon from 25 to 49 levels gets a Exp Share (Number 2!), 50 to 98 gets you a Cleanse Tag and finally 99 will get you a King's Rock.

The top right building has a daily quiz. If you get the answer right you get an Antidote! WOWZERS! Wrong answers get you a Parlyz Heal. Finally head to the bottom right house in the Wetlands area and talk to the wife to get a RageCandyBar. Hold onto it as we'll need it soon.

Now let's take on the Gym in the upper left. Get your Fresh Water as you enter and this is the Ice gym. Finally an actual puzzle but they do offer you a LOT of hints.

First off head up on the small arrow right besides Fresh Water man. Then go right, fight the trainer and hit the floor switch. Then left on the arrow and fight the next trainer before going right and over the jump to the next section.

Fight the trainer and then go right into the wall of rocks. Up from there, right and the up again. Fight the trainer and then straight down from the trainer to the wooden area. Right from there and then follow the path to the arrow. Head left as the arrow suggests and then straight up from where you land to the floor switch. Up to the rock, left to the trainer area and then down on the down arrow and you're past this second section.

Trainer and then left from the top of the two blocks. Up to swirl around and the right and up and right on the arrow. Follow the path up and fight the trainer and then hit the floor switch. Then right and down at the arrow. Left, down, and left at the arrow and then up at the final block and you are at the Gym Leader's area.


Brycen - Lvl 37 Vanillish [Ice], lvl 39 Beartic [Ice] & Lvl 37 Cryogonal [Ice]
Recommended level: 40

A pretty big joke of a Gym Leader at this stage in the game. Ice is weak to so much. Take your pick from Fire, Fighting, Rock or Steel moves. Afterwards you'll get the badge and TM79 Frost Breath. Take the slide on the left back down to the start and leave the gym.

Big talk outside the gym before you head north to Dragonspiral Tower.

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