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Bolt Badge
Pokemon White

Bolt Badge

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Bolt Badge

Route 4

Route 4

Desert - Darumaka / Sandile / Scraggy
(Req: Surf) Water Surface - Frillish
(Req: Surf) Water Surface (Ripples) - Alomomola / Jellicent
(Req: Rod) Fishing - Clamperi / Krabby / Luvdisc
(Req: Rod) Fishing (Ripples) - Gorebyss [W] / Huntail [B] / Kingler / Luvdisc / Relcanth

There is a X Accuracy to the left as you enter the area. A Sandstorm is ALWAYS going on Route 4 so be careful of health levels for your Pokemon and you can heal in the small house to the left of the road. The 3 wild Pokemon of this area show up on the darker sand. The light sand is free of attacks.

As you move forward on the main road you'll have a battle with Cheren.

SNIVY - lvl 20 Pidove [Normal / Flying], lvl 20 Pansage [Grass], lvl 22 Pignite [Fire / Fighting] & lvl 20 Liepard [Dark]
TEPIG - lvl 20 Pidove [Normal / Flying], lvl 20 Pansear [Fire], lvl 22 Dewott [Water] & lvl 20 Liepard [Dark]
OSHAWATT - lvl 20 Pidove [Normal / Flying], lvl 20 Panpour [Water], lvl 22 Servine [Grass] & lvl 20 Liepard [Dark]

The phone will ring after and Juniper will tell you she will meet you at Nimbasa City. Afterwards head left just below the prefab house where you get healed to get to the left interior area. There are 2 fisherman on the bottom left. These guys have 2 and 4 Basculin and are the hardest trainers in the area. There is a Great Ball on the left. Then a Hyper Potion to the left side of the construction area and TM41 Torment at the far back top.

Back on the main road get the Burn Heal on the right, Ether on the left and finally a Super Potion at the top right.

Head left on the road. The Desert Resort is to the Northwest but there is not much to do at this time. The important thing is to get the TM28 Dig from the small hut. This allows you to auto leave any cave like a Escape Rope.

Then exit to Nimbasa City in the Northeast. Juniper will give you 10 Ultra Balls and you're on your way to the next badge.

Nimbasa City

Nimbasa City

As you enter Nimbasa City you'll come on the Day Care Man getting harassed by Team Plasma. Take out the Grunts and the Day Care Man will give you a Bicycle. You'll also now be able to leave 2 Pokemon at the Day Care on Route 3. Right after Bianca will come and have a conversation with you.

Head left and enter the Battle Subway. A girl will exit and give you a Vs. Recorder. The Subway both gets you to the small town of Anville but also is a battle series. Depending on the subway you'll have multiple Pokemon in who will temporally leveled up. You'll get BP for winning which you can trade in for moves and other items.

In the house on the far left above the Pokecenter is a man who will give you HM04 Strength. This is going to be needed in a lot of areas. After that you can visit the Big Stadium and the Small Court. There are many trainers here to battles. Then go to the next building to the Musical Theater. The manager will give you a Prop Case. Talk to the girl to the right of the counter to get TM49 Echoed Voice. As you leave the theater Bianca's dad will show up and try to get her to leave but she continues on her path to be a Pokemon master.

Head to the far right bottom to get to the Amusement Park. This area also has the gym. Head towards the ferris wheel and N will lead you on. It appears that he is actually in charge of Team Plasma. You'll have to fight him when you get off.

Battle N:

Lvl 22 Sandile [Ground / Dark], Lvl 22 Darmuka [Fire], Lvl 22 Sigilyph [Psychic / Flying] & lvl 22 Scraggy [Dark / Fighting]

Use Water and Fighting versus Sandile. Water, Ground or Rock for Darumaka. Sigilyph use Electric or Rock and finally Fighting and Flying for Scraggy.


Bolt Badge

This gym is a roller coaster ride. Literally. You will be riding roller coasters. Get on the first one at the opening platform making sure to talk to the man and get your Fresh Water. This gym is just as linear as the last one. Fight the trainers and hit the switches to change the roller coaster paths.

Elesa - Lvl 25 Emolga [Electric / Flying], Lvl 25 Emolga [Electric / Flying], & Lvl 27 Zebstrika [Electric]
Recommended level: 30

Emolgas are weak to Ice and Rock types. Zebstrika is weak to Ground. All three like to throw Paralyze at you so some Parlyz Heals are a good idea. Afterwards you get the Badge and TM72 Volt Switch.

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ID #42098 | May 8th 2011 OMEGA CALEB
The griseous orb turns Giratina into its Origin form and boosts the power of ghost and dragon type moves. Adamant orb is for dialga and it boosts dragon and steel type moves. Lustrous orb is for Palkia and it boosts water and dragon type moves. But you also have to transfer Giratina, Dialga and Palkia over to your black or white version first.
ID #41307 | May 3rd 2011 Guest
whats the Griseous, admant, and lustrous orb for???