Storm Badge

Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

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Storm Badge

Route 38/9

Next head West to Route 38. There are a lot of Trainers to take on here. Farfetch'd is on this route. He's rather weak for a pokemon but the bonus is he can learn Fly which you'll be getting soon. After you've taken on all the Trainers head further West to Route 39. If you head to the the top of the Route you will find MooMoo Ranch. Inside is a sick MooMoo who needs Oran Berries to heal. It took my 6 Berries to heal him. The only way to reliably get Oran Berries is to play the Lottery on the top floor of the department store in Goldenrod City. Save before you play, then quit restart if you don't get an Oran Berry. Once you have the required number head back to MooMoo Ranch and heal the MooMoo. The girl next to the MooMoo will give you the Seal Case and you can also buy MooMoo Milk for 500. Then head South to Olivine City.

Olivine City

Once you get to town head to the house above the  Center. In here you will find a fisherman who will give you the Good Rod. Then in the house to the right of the path from the Pokemart is a girl who will give you some seals if you just did the MooMoo Quest and have the Seal Case. Then head all the way East to the Lighthouse

Storm Badge - Olivine City

Olivine Lighthouse

You need to work your way up to the top floor by floor going through a LARGE number of Trainers. On the top floor you'll meet the Gym Leader for Olivine, Jasmine. Ampharos is sick and and needs the SecretPotion from Cianwood. So we need to head there next.

Route 40/1

Time to Surf. Surf your way South through the wild Pokemon and Trainers until you get to Route 41. Since you don't have Whirlpool yet you can ignore the Whirlpools you'll find here and just continue on fighting Trainers and Wild Pokemon moving your way West until you get to Ciamwood City.

Cianwood City

First grab the SecretPotion from the small store that is right next to the Center. Then head up to the top of the city to see Suicune. He'll run off as you get close but Eusine will show up again and this time he wants to fight.

BATTLE: Eusine
lvl 25 Drowzee, lvl 27 Electrode, and lvl 25 Haunter vs. lvl 25 Flaaffy, lvl 23 Dratini, and lvl 34 Quilava

Pretty standard battle. Watch out for Sleep from Drowzee and also from Haunter. Then head to the Gym for a Badge.

Storm Badge - Eusine

Cianwood Gym

First you need to head up the left side fighting both of those Trainers to pull them to the side. Then head up the right side and Pull the first Trainer over. Now this will open the path to the upper left switch. You can fight the last Trainer on the right if you want. Then head to the bottom to fight for the Storm Badge.

lvl 25 Primape and lvl 31 Poliwrath vs. lvl 35 Quilava, lvl 26 Flaaffy, and lvl 25 Dratini

Not very hard battle considering what you've been up against recently. Just be ready with Status Healers and keep on the damage. Once you win you get the Storm Badge and more importantly the ability to Fly. When you are ready fly back to Olivevine to give the Potion to Ampharos.

Storm Badge - Badge Battle


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Primeape was level 29...

Added 26th Feb 2013, ID #258899

i ve gave to that miltank 6 oran and it wants more!!!!!! OMG

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yo yo yo yo yo o aha across the nation aha

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yo wats up yo wahhhhhh!!!!

Added 7th Jan 2012, ID #103877

To get to the top of the light house you go as far up as you can then go left out a door. Then you go round the lighthouse, picking up an item and back in, you can then continue up to the top of the lighthouse.

Added 22nd Jul 2011, ID #60056

can't climb to the top of the lighthouse!!!

Added 22nd Jul 2011, ID #60052

How do you get to the top without taking the elevator? I am lost there.

Added 15th Jul 2011, ID #58088

Don't forget when you're climbing the lighthouse and jump out the window - theres a pokeball. Grab it, it's a rare candy.

Added 15th Feb 2011, ID #29225

When I fought Chuck, his Primeape was L29...not that it really matters...

Added 1st Jan 2011, ID #23479

use a repel

Added 30th Dec 2010, ID #23133

me hate going to cianwood city because tentercool`s kept attacking


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