Pokemon League

Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Pokemon League

Kimono House

Fly back home to New Bark Town and talk to Professor Elm. He'll give you 1 Master Ball. It's 100% capable of capturing any wild Pokemon. Even Legendaries. Now fly to Ecruteak and head into the Kimono House above the Center. Once inside you will automatically fight all 5 sisters one at a time. They each have 1 lvl 38 Eevee evolution. Once you beat them you'll get the Tide Bell (again in SS) and it's time to go get your first Legendary.

Pokemon League - Kimono


REQUIREMENTS: Silver Wing from Radio Manager in Goldenrod City (Story) & Tide Bell from Kimono Sisters in Eructeak City (Story).
ABILITIES NEEDED: Surf & Whirlpool (Flash very helpful)

Get to Olivine City and then go left to Route 40 followed by Surfing south to Route 41. Use Whirlpool to get to the middle right island. Walk around to the left side and then Surf to the bottom and to the Cave Entrance. You are now at Whirl Islands. Once inside use Flash (Not required but makes moving around so much easier. If you didn't get it at Sprout Tower you can buy it on the cheap at the Goldenrod Department Store.) Work your way right dropping from ledge to ledge until you get to the ladder going down. Go left and talk to the old Monk. He will check your Silver Wing and let you continue. Go down the slope to the last entrance and enter. The Kimono Sisters will be there and they will take back the Tide Bell. Swim over to Lugia and work it.

Legendary Pokemon - Lugia

Tohjo Falls

Before moving on you will need Surf, Strength, and Waterfall. Then Surf right to Route 27 from your home town of New Bark Town. Once you clear the old man since you either captured or eliminated Lugia you can enter the Falls. Surf to and then up the Waterfall and down the other side to continue on Route 27. Continue through 27 to 26 until you finally hit the gatehouse. Right before the Gatehouse is a home where you can heal your Pokemon. At the Gatehouse you'll be checked for all 8 badges and then allowed through.

Victory Road

Work your way through the first area till you get to the first boulder and push it up out of your way. Then up the stairs and over the bridge and down the left side until you get to the ladder. Now go down and right till you hit the next ladder. There will be a hole right where you come off the ladder so drop back down. Head down the path and the push the boulder out of the way and go up the middle stairs to the next ladder. Skip the first hole and continue on until you see 2 holes. Drop down the bottom one. Now just keep on the path until you meet to fight your Rival again.

lvl 36 Sneasel, lvl 40 Fergaligatr, lvl 38 Golbat, lvl 37 Magneton, lvl 37 Kadabra, & lvl 37 Haunter vs. lvl 37 Ampharos, lvl 46 Typhlosion, & lvl 45 Dragonair

Then head on out and into the Indigo Plateau and the Pokemon League.

Pokemon League - Getting To The 4

Elite 4

Heal and buy some Full Restores and Status Healers. The following battle is 5 Trainers in a ROW. You can use items between but not heal or buy anything. It's a total of 26 Pokemon.

As long as you can beat the first of the Elite 4 you'll end up positive for EXP and Money. These 5 Trainers are GREAT for EXP. Just keep blasting away at them.

lvl 40 Xatu, lvl 41 Slowbro, lvl 41 Jynx, lvl 41 Exeggutor, & lvl 42 Xatu vs. lvl 62 Typhlosion & lvl 53 Ampharos

lvl 40 Ariados, lvl 43 Forrestress, lvl 42 Muk, lvl 44 Crobat & lvl Venomoth vs. lvl 63 Typhlosion

lvl 42 Hitmontop, lvl 43 Onix, lvl 45 Machamp, lvl 42 Hitmonchan & lvl Hitmonlee vs. lvl 56 Lugia & lvl 63 Typhlosion

lvl 42 Umbreon, lvl 47 Houndoom, lvl 45 Gengar, lvl 42 Vileplume, & lvl 44 Murkrow vs. lvl 63 Typholsion

That is the full list of Pokemon the 4 will bring to the table. I suggest you look them up on SuperCheats.com's Pokedex to learn their weaknesses. My Pokemon might seem WAY over leved and to an extent they are. BUT, this is a great place to suck up EXP and the higher you are now the easier the last half of the game will be.

Pokemon League - Elite 4

lvl 46 Gyarados, lvl 50 Dragonite, lvl 48 Aerodactyl, lvl 49 Dragonite, lvl 49 Dragonite & lvl 48 Charizard vs. lvl 53 Ampharos & lvl 56 Lugia

Lance's Dragonites LOVE Thunder Wave so be prepared to heal Paralyze and he used 3 Full Restores in my battle so have some of your own to match. Afterwards you will be taken to the Hall of Fame and be inducted along with the Pokemon you have in your party. Watch the end credits and then load your save to start the next section.

Pokemon League - Champion


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I haven't played a johto game since crystal version six years ago... Where do I obtain an exp share held item??

Added 28th May 2015, ID #562293

I just now saved at lance

Added 26th Aug 2013, ID #306830

I dont really know but chikorita wont be because it has a weakness to the first 2 gym leaders. Totidile will be useful very much against lance if you have icefang. Cyndiqual sucks against clair and lance when its typhlosion. So I say you pick totodile.

Added 27th Feb 2013, ID #259177

what is the best and easist starter pokemon

Added 18th Feb 2013, ID #255620

Calm down! Where did you get the Luxray number 1 and does he have a high special attack? He needs good HP or defense or Dragonite Outrage will kill you. Does luxray know thunder to? My Ampharoas at level 44 attempted to beat all lances pokemon with thunder, I just get lucky when Thunder paralyzez my apponent.

Added 7th Feb 2013, ID #251331

It isn't the tide bell, it's the tidal bell

Deoxys' mentor
Added 30th Dec 2012, ID #232555

Can't believe it!
My Starspark (luxray) is at lvl 63 and I still lose to Lance!
My team is lvl 63 Starspark (luxray), lvl 30 Storm (pidgeotto), lvl 24 Leafblade (bayleef), lvl 47 Lugia, and lvl 20 Puddler (gyarados)

Added 11th Dec 2012, ID #219286

how do you get 900 master balls please tell me I really need them and how do you level you Pokemon up quickly with out giving them to the day care and when I made my UNOWN level up to level 22 it still diden't learn anything new

Added 2nd Sep 2012, ID #182508

how do u get rock smash

Added 12th Jul 2012, ID #163342

Were do you find Suicune? I have caught all the Lagendary Pokemon except for Suicune and Ho-Oh. A friend of mine told me I needed Suicune to help me find an iteam to help me find Ho-Oh...Is this true? My friend had played Silver not SoulSilver...

Thanks Verey Much

P.S. I found that saying "Stay" and doing a sighn you would give your dog when you want it to stay-the one with your fingers together-helpfull. Be warned! It dosn't always work...

Added 23rd Jun 2012, ID #156089

Here have 2 ds and at the beggining get all three starters and then trade into your real that youll be playing. Then get a dragon type a flying type and a ground type. Most basic team. Level them up to lvl 50 or 60. You'll be able to beat the elite for and champion if you have lots of assisting items for your Pokemon. If you fail keep trying to beat the elite four because you still can get a lot of exp. before you enter the elite four and challenge them with all the items you need, take your money and bring it back to your mom. That way you dont have to keep losing your money.

Added 21st May 2012, ID #144256

Tortera, Empoleon, Staraptor, Lugia, Luxuray, Charizard murdered the elite four with ease!!!!

Added 10th Jan 2012, ID #104713

Where is route 27?

Added 9th Dec 2011, ID #93794

where do u find Ampharos?

Need for Speed Wii
Added 1st Oct 2011, ID #77815

You find hm rock climb in pallet town, from professor Oak.

Added 19th Aug 2011, ID #68447

how do you get 900 master balls and how do you level up fast

Added 31st Jul 2011, ID #62913

i cant catch groundon i tried quick,ultra and dusk ballz but they dont even wobble((()))

Added 30th Jul 2011, ID #62628

i need help. virctory road directions don't heplp can someone give me a video tour like swaggers did for the guide? it would be appriceiated. Could swaggers do this for me? PLEASE!?!?!

Added 29th Jul 2011, ID #62349

Can anyone help me? How do you get through victory road. I keep getting lost and stuck. I have never made it to my Rival. Please help!!!

Added 28th Jul 2011, ID #62046

hey do any of you know where to get rockclimb in jhoto!

Added 2nd Jul 2011, ID #54045

where do you find the HM Rock Climb?

Added 15th Jun 2011, ID #49492

where is the pokemon league

Added 11th May 2011, ID #42465

lol, i caught all of the pokemon u caught (except for dragonite. and i have all of them @ the same lv. as u. i even made my shiny suicune @ the same l. of ur dragonite... just so i wont fail alot during the game. i want to make sure that my pokemon are at the appropriate lv.

Added 7th May 2011, ID #41785

i ALWAYS get to the elite 4 and beat them with my starter pokemon but the problem is that thats the only pokemon i use the entire game and all my other pokemon are low levels like 7 and 9 that low how do you level up all your pokemon?

Added 20th Mar 2011, ID #33510

my lugia lv. 65 knowing water blast, blizzard, outrage, and dragon pulse totally muredered the elite for lol

Added 5th Mar 2011, ID #31483

LUGIA FERELIGATR =ElITE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 21st Dec 2010, ID #21800

I am stuck on the Elite four.. I could go up to Karen, but after that, i was lost.
[size=18][/size] IT'S SO ANNOYING!

Added 13th Nov 2010, ID #18067

Day care lady is under goldenrod city in a small house.there is an old man outside the house. Kurt is in t´he "slowpoke" town Azalea i think in a small house up in the left corner.

Added 8th Oct 2010, ID #14650

Dont worry i found kurt but where is the day care lady live

Added 2nd Oct 2010, ID #14201