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Follow the dark path or use the light


The Forest Badge

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Pokemon Platinum Guide

The Forest Badge

Jubilife City & Route 204
Items: Pal Pad, Fashion Case, TM39, Awakening, TM09.

At Jubilife City, you'll meet Mr. Looker again. He will tell you about the
Pal Pad if don't already have it. Now, enter the Pokemon Center and take
the escalatpr down to the basement. The lady here will give you the PAL
PAD. Go back outside now. Head north to Route 204 and you'll meet the
Professor and his assistant, being bothered by Team Galactic. You'll be
participating in your first double battle soon after. It will be you and
Rowan's assistant versus the Galactic Grunts.

 ------------------- ------------------------------- ---------- 
| Trainer           | Pokemon                       | Rewards  |
------------------- ------------------------------- ----------
| Galactic Grunts   | Stunky, Glameow (Lv. 11)      |   $880   |
------------------- ------------------------------- ----------
After the battle, a woman from Jubilife TV Station will approach you and
hand over a FASHION CASE. Have a look inside the TV Staton if you like.
Otherwise continue north towards Route 204. There, make your way to the cave
to the north of the area and go in.

You'll be in the Ravaged Path now. If you haven't picked up the POTION here
earlier then do so now. Go west, smash the rocks, and grab the TM39. Turn
back east, smash more rocks and head for the exit.

You'll end up on the higher section of Route 204. There will be more Pokemon
Trainer battles to participate in.

Grab the AWAKENING after defeating Taylor, then snag the TM09 BULLET SEED
after winning against Liv & Liz. Continue onwards to Floaroma Town.

Floaroma Town, Valley Windworks, & Floaroma Meadows
Items: TM88, Chesto Berry, Sprayduck, Honey, Potion.

| Pokemon [Valley Windworks : Tall Grass] | 
------------------ ----------------------  
| Bidoof           | Lv. 8                |
| Buizel           | Lv. 7-9              |
| Pachirisu        | Lv. 7-8              |
| Shellos          | Lv. 7-9              |
------------------ ----------------------

Enter the cottage to the north of the flower field and talk to the little
girl there. Agree with her when she talks about Pokemon plucking berries,
to receive the TM88. Next, visit the Flower Shop and speak to both
brunette ladies. One will give you a CHESTO BERRY and the other a SPRAYDUCK.
Talk to the lady by the cash register to exchange your berries for
different accessories. Go north to the Floaroma Meadows.

Approach the Galactic Grunts and defeat their Pokemons. The second Grunt
will challenge you after you win against the first one.

 ------------------- --------------------- ---------- 
| Trainer           | Pokemon             | Rewards  |
------------------- --------------------- ----------
| Galactic Grunt    | Stunky (Lv. 13)     |   $520   |
| Galactic Grunt    | Zubat (Lv. 11)      |   $440   |
------------------- --------------------- ----------

Obtain the WORKS KEY and HONEY from the man you just helped. You can also
buy some Honey from him for 100 credits. Slather the honey on the YELLOW
GREEN trees to attract rare Pokemon. Now, head back to town and go east to
the Valley Windworks.

Pick up the POTION at the eastmost portion. You may want to run around the
Tall Grass a bit to capture some new Pokemon (Buizel, Shellos, Parichisu).
Talk to the Grunt blocking the entrance to the Windworks Building to battle

------------------- --------------------- ----------
| Trainer           | Pokemon             | Rewards  |
------------------- --------------------- ----------
| Galactic Grunt    | Glameow (Lv. 13)    |   $520   |
------------------- --------------------- ----------

The Grunt will lock himself inside the building, taking the key with him.
You'll need to grab another key, which you should already have. Use it to
open the door and go inside.

Defeat all the Galactic Grunts and their commander.

 ------------------- --------------------- ----------- 
| Boss              | Pokemon             | Rewards   |
------------------- --------------------- -----------
|                   | Zubat (Lv. 15)      |   --      |
| Commander Mars    | Purugly (Lv. 17)    |   $1360   |
------------------- --------------------- -----------
| The Zubat has Bite which can inflict Poison, but    |
| the only real challenge here is the Purugly, which  |
| may prove tough if you're using the wrong Pokemon.  |
| Your best choice is to use a Fighting type Pokemon, |
| like Machop. Machop's Karate Chop move should be    |
| pretty effective against Purugly.                   |

Route 205 & Eterna Forest
Items: X Sp Def, Heal Ball, Repel, Super Potion, Antidote, Paralyz Heal,
       Net Ball, Potion, Green Shard, Guard Spec.

 ---------------------------------    ------------------------------------- 
| Pokemon [Route 205 : Tall Grass]|  | Pokemon [Eterna Forest : T. Grass]  |
------------------ --------------   --------------= ---------------------
| Bidoof           | Lv. 9        |  | Beautifly     | Lv. 12              |
| Buizel           | Lv. 8-10     |  | Budew         | Lv. 10-12           |
| Pachirisu        | Lv. 9        |  | Buneary       | Lv. 10-12           |
| Shellos          | Lv. 8-10     |  | Silcoon       | Lv. 10              |
------------------ --------------   | Wurmple       | Lv. 10-11           |
                                     | Gastly        | Lv. 13              |
                                     --------------- ---------------------

Your next stop is Route 205, but before you go, I would suggest buying
plenty of Antidotes from the Poke Mart back in town fisrt, You'll need them
once you get to the forest. Just head north while participating in Pokemon
battles on the way.

Grab the X SP DEF after defeating Hiker Daniel. Once you reach a fork, head
down then northwest to find a HEAL BALL. Head up and across the bridge.
Defeat the next 3 Pokemon Trainers. You may rest in the cottage along the
way as well. Grab the REPEL. There is a SUPER POTION at the lower portion of
the area. Proceed into Eterna Forest.

A Pokemon Trainer named Cheryl will join you here. All random encounters in
this forest will be a double battle. The great thing about Cheryl is she
restores your Pokemon's HP and PP to full after each battle. Her Pokemon
Chansey uses Egg Bomb and Softboiled. Egg Bomb does decent damage, but it
also misses quite often.

Head west to grab an ANTIDOTE. More Trainer Battles to compete in.

Pick up the PARALYZ HEAL after defeating Jack and Briana. Pick up the NET BALL
to the southeast of the Psychic Twins. Check the bottom-right corner of the
forest to find a POTION, then go around northwest for a GREEN SHARD. Continue
onwards to the exit. Cheryl will give you a SOOTHE BELL before she leaves.
You may want run around the tallgrass and capture some new Pokemon. Exit the
forest when you're done.

You'll end up in a different section of Route 205. Go east the turn south-
west to find a GUARD SPEC. Head right across the docks and battle with the
fishermen here.

You may fish for a Goldeen Pokemon here. But it is extremely rare. Continue
further east into Eterna City.


The Fuego Ironworks
Items: Max Potion, Burn Heal, Fire Stone x2, Rock Incense, TM35.

Note : This area is completely optional.

| Pokemon [Outside Building]  |
--------------- -------------
| Floatzel      | Lv. 29-30   |
| Gastrodon     | Lv. 29-30   |
| Luxio         | Lv. 29      |
| Pachirisu     | Lv. 29      |
| Shellos       | Lv. 28      |
| Shinx         | Lv. 28      |
| Wingull       | Lv. 29      |
--------------- -------------

The Fuego Ironworks is accessible by surfing north on the water from Route
205. You can pick up a MAX POTION at the side of the building with help
from your Dowsing Machine. Go inside the building.

Navigate around the building by stepping on the directinal panels on the
floor. You can pick up a BURN HEAL at the northern portion. There is a
FIRE STONE at the northeast part of the area. The southeast sector has a
ROCK INCENSE. Talk to Mr. Fuego to receive another FIRE STONE. Grab the
TM35 (Flamethrower) by the furnace next to Mr. Fuego.


Eterna City & Route 211
Items: HM01 Cut, Draco Plate, Super Potion, Explorer Kit, TM88.

 ----------------------------------    ------------------------------------ 
| Pokemon [Route 211 : Tall Grass] |  | Pokemon [Mt. Coronet]              |
--------------- ------------------   ---------------- -------------------
| Bidoof        | Lv. 12-14        |  | Chingling      | Lv. 13            |
| Chingling     | Lv. 13           |  | Cleffa         | Lv. 12            |
| Geodude       | Lv. 13           |  | Geodude        | Lv. 13            |
| Meditite      | Lv. 12-14        |  | Machop         | Lv. 13            |
| Ponyta        | Lv. 13           |  | Meditite       | Lv. 13-14         |
--------------- ------------------   | Zubat          | Lv. 13            |
                                      ---------------- -------------------

Team Galactic will be hanging around this town as well, but ignore them
for now. Heal at the Pokemon Center if you need to and head to the north
end of the city to meet up with Nolan. Both he and Cyrus will leave after
some dialogue. Now, proceed to the top of the plateau and stand directly
above the statue and press A to obtain a DRACO PLATE.

Turn back down to meet with Cynthia who will give you the HM01 Cut. Next,
enter the house to the east of the Pokemon Center; talk to the man there
and he will give you the Explorer Kit.

Next, go further down. Continue all the way through the gap between the
trees then head east for a SUPER POTION. Head for the gym entrance and talk
to the girl there, who turns out to be the gym leader, Gardenia.

This gym will be so much easier to navigate around this time. The leaves
will simply turn and open your next path whenever you defeat a trainer.
Win against 3 trainers to get to Gardenia and battle her.

------------------- ------------------------------ ----------
| Leader            | Pokemon                      | Rewards  |
------------------- ------------------------------ ----------
|                   | Turtwig (Lv. 20)             |   --     |
| Gardenia          | Cherrim (Lv. 20)             |   --     |
|                   | Roserade (Lv. 22)            |   $2640  |
------------------- ------------------------------ ----------
| If you have high level fire Pokemon with fire-type attacks. |
| Then these battles shouldn't be too hard. Otherwise, bring  |
| in your high level grass Pokemon to defend against your     |
| opponent's grass-type attacks. Or bring in a grass Pokemon  |
| that has the Bite ability. The said move deals a good deal  |
| of damage and sometimes makes the target flinch, causing    |
| them to skip a turn.                                        |
|                                                             |
| Roserade's Magical Leaf causes Paralysis, so be sure bring  |
| plenty of Parlyz Heals. Use Potions when necessary. As for  |
| Turtwig, repeatedly use Bite on it. Gardenia will use a     |
| Super Potion once Turtwig is low on health, so you'll have  |
| to deplete its HP again.                                    |

You'll receive the FOREST BADGE & the TM86 (Grass Knot) afterwards.


The Old Chateau
Items: Ether, Rare Candy, Big Pearl, Dread Plate, Old Gateau, TM90.

Note : This area is completely optional.

| Pokemon [Inside House]    |
-------------- ------------
| Gastly       | Lv. 12-16  |
-------------- ------------

There are some trees to the north of the Eterna Forest exit (leading to
Eterna City), that you can cut to gain access to this area. Before you go
in, check the right corner at the side of the house for an ETHER. Go inside
afterwards. Head north into the dining room. There, head west and examine
the top-right trash can to find a RARE CANDY Leave the room and proceed to
the second floor.

Enter the left room. Pick up an OLD GATEAU inside. Go back out and into the
center room. Grab a DREAD PLATE in the left-most room and a TM90
(Substitute) in the right-most room. Enter the second room from the left
and thump the TV there to release Rotom. Take note that this event only
occurs any time from 8pm onwards.

| Legendary Pokemon Rotom                                        |
| This Pokemon is very low level. So it is very easy to knock it |
| out accidentally. Bring in your weakest Pokemon (a low level   |
| one) and chip away Rotom's HP. Once it drops to red, throw an  |
| Ultra Ball to capture it. Chances are it won't be able to      |
| break free, since it is a low level Pokemon.                   |