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Follow the dark path or use the light


The Beacon Badge

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Pokemon Platinum Gude

The Beacon Badge

Fly to Veilstone City and proceed to the Galactic Veilstone Building. Speak
to the Grunt by the entrance. Pick up the STORAGE KEY after the guy leaves.
Now, head over to the Galactic Warehouse behind the department store. There
is also a rocky wall that you can climb up on for a FULL INCENSE.

Galactic Warehouse & Galactic Building
Items: Dusk Stone, Zinc, TM49, Dubious Disc, TM36, Galactic Key, TM21, Max
       Revive, Green Shard, Protein, Max Elixir, Master Ball, Full Restore.

Go inside the warehouse and use the Storage Key on the door. Grab the DUSK
STONE. Continue east then north for a ZINC. Defeat another Galactic Grunt
and proceed onwards two floors. Beat the Grunt, take the left portal to
another area. Proceed upstairs. Step on the portal, go down three floors.

Go back to where you fought the Grunt with the Wumple Pokemon, and go up.
Use the Galactic Key on the right door. Snag the TM21 FRUSTRATION. Return
to the room with 2 portals side-by-side. Step on the right portal. Take
the TM49 SNATCH in the next room. Exit the warehouse and into the Galactic

The Warehouse is actually part of the Galactic Building. Anyway, unlock the
door and continue up to the next floor. Defeat the two Grunts. Go southeast
into the room. Defeat Darius then step on the portal. In the next room, go
upstairs. Beat 2 more Galactic Grunts in a double battle. Step on the left

Grab the ELIXIR here. Turn back and this time take the bottom-left portal.
Open the door and battle Cyrus.

 ----------------------- ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Boss                  | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
----------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
|                       | Sneasel (Lv. 44)            |  --      |
| Galactic Boss Cyrus   | Crobat  (Lv. 44)            |  --      |
|                       | Honchkrow (Lv. 46)          |  $8280   |
----------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
| This battle shouldn't be tough if your Pokemon's levels are    |
| high enough. The Honchkrow is weak against Fighting-type moves |
| You can easily get rid of the Crobat with Electric attacks and |
| the Sneasel is weak against Fighting and Fire type attacks.    |

Cyrus will give you a MASTER BALL. Step on the portal up ahead. In the next
area, follow the path to the door. Battle Commander Saturn.

 ------------------- ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Boss              | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
|                   | Golbat   (Lv. 42)           |   --     |
| Commander Saturn  | Toxicroak (Lv. 42)          |   --     |
|                   | Bronzor   (Lv. 44)          |   $3520  |
------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
| He has the same set of Pokemon as he did back in the Lake  |
| Valor Cavern. Only difference being they are at higher     |
| level. Again, the Golbat is weak to electric moves, the    |
| Toxicroak is weak to Ground attacks. And finally, use      |
| fire-type attacks on the Bronzor.                          |

Fly to Hearthome City and take the southwest exit to Route 208. From there,
go west into Mt. Coronet. You might want to stop by a Poke Mart and stock
up on Ultra Balls or Dusk Balls, since you'll be capturing a legendary
Pokemon later.

Mt. Coronet & Spear Pillar
Items: Max Potion x2, Escape Rope, Revive, Max Revive, Tiny Mushroom x3, PP
       Up, Rare Candy.

Rock Climb on the wall at the northeast corner to the next floor. Here, go
northwest up the steps to find a MAX POTION. Turn back, then head south for
an ESCAPE ROPE. Go back, proceed up the steps. At the fork, continue north
then west across the bridge. Go down the stairs and up the next one to
get a REVIVE. From there, turn right up the stairs. Cross the bridge and
head down 2 sets of stairs. Now go left under the bridge into the next

Follow the path up to the next screen. In this area, take the right steps
down. Check the solitary stone at the bottom to find a MAX REVIVE.
Return to the previous area and head north. Defeat both Galactic Grunts.
Follow the path to the exit leading to the mountain peak.

This part of the mountain is covered with snow. So all battles that occur
outside the caves will have hail weather. Anyway, start off by going right
then up. Rock Climb on the wall there. At the top, head left, down, then
left again. Examine the stone for a MAX POTION. Make your way back to the
rocky wall and proceed right into the cave.

Go up the steps then examine the stone to get an ULTRA BALL. Head back down,
continue west, smash the rock and check the back wall for a TINY MUSHROOM.
Examine one of the 2 stones near the cave entrance for a PP UP. Go back
outside. Make your way to the cave at the northwest portion of the mountain
and go in. Rock Climb to the top. Battle 2 Galactic Grunts.

Move on to the east exit. Outside, examine the stone on the tall grass for a
RARE CANDY. Rock Climb on the wall to the left. At the top, head west and
examone the stone to get a TINY MUSHROOM. There's a rock with a BIG MUSHROOM
on the right-most corner at the bottom of several stairs. Turn back and
go into another cave.

Check the second rock for a TINY MUSHROOM. Follow the path up several stairs
and battle another Galactic Grunt. Grab the STARDUST. Continue west to next
area. Battle 2 more Galactic Grunts. Continue north towards the exit leading
to the Spear Pillar.

Save your game first and defeat the pair of Grunts. Save again before
fighting Jupiter and Mars.

 ----------------------- ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Boss                  | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
----------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
|                       | Bronzor  (Lv. 44)           |   --     |
|                       | Bronzor  (Lv. 44)           |   --     |
| Commander Jupiter     | Golbat   (Lv. 44)           |   --     |
| Commander Mars        | Golbat   (Lv. 44)           |   --     |
|                       | Skuntank (Lv. 46)           |   --     |
|                       | Purugly  (Lv. 46)           |   $7360  |
----------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
| Nolan will send his Munchlax out first. The thing is, his      |
| Munchlax is useless. It does prove useful as a cannon fodder   |
| though. But do try to knock it out, so you can force Nolan to  |
| send out some better Pokemon.                                  |
|                                                                |
| The foes' Bronzors are weak against Fire, so try to hit them   |
| with that attack type as much as possible. The Golbats are     |
| weak to Electric attacks, so moves like Thunder are very       |
| effective against them. As for Purugly and Skuntank, hit them  |
| with your strongest Fighting-type moves.                       |