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Follow the dark path or use the light


The Final Path

Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough and Guide

by CM Boots-Faubert  

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The Final Path

The Fourth Battle 

As you enter Route 22 your Rival Gary once again pops up -- and yes, it is time for a Rival Battle!  You would think he is getting tired of losing to us, but no, here he is, ready to lose again!

Gary has a Level 47 Pidgeot worth 1731 XP, a Level 53 Blastoise worth 2385 XP, a Level 45 Growlithe worth 877 XP, a Level 47 Alakazam worth 1233, a Level 45 Rhyhorn worth 1300 XP, and a Level 45 Exeggcute worth 945 XP and $1908.

Arogance... He loses to us but then tells US that WE need more practice?!  Gah!

A quick trip back to the Pokecenter to heal and save, and now we are seriously on the way to the Elite Four...

Follow Route 22 up and around to the Pokemon League Front Gate, pass through the lobby and get inspected by the guard, who passes us through once he spots our Boulder Badge!  The next guard checks us for the Cascade Badge, and allows us to pass.

Another guard, and this time it is the Thunder Badge he wants to see...  Then the Rainbow Badge, a quick Surf and we show our Soul Badge, then the Marsh Badge and we are back on land.  The guard at the next gate wants to see our Volcano Badge and we show it to him!

The last gate and he wants to see our Earth Badge, then we step onto Victory Road!

-- Victory Road --

You can do as you like here -- you can clear the place out by fighting the trainers if you like, but at this point we are ready to take on the Elite Four, and unless you really want the extra levels, there is no real point to it.  So I passed through this area in the shortest amount of time possible -- and I suggest that you do the same!  There is a major series of battles ahead, let us not waste time!

Your first task is to push that boulder all the way to the east and put it on top of that switch.  After that take the stairs up and around the now open path to your first battle!

Cooltrainer Naomi has a Level 42 Persian worth 1332 XP, a Level 42 Ponyta worth 1368 XP, a Level 42 Rapidash worth 1728 XP, a Level 42 Vu;pix worth 567 XP, and a Level 42 Ninetails worth 1602 XP and $1512.

A short distance along the path and we have our next battle!

Cooltrainer Rolando has a Level 42 Raticate worth 1044 XP, a Level 42 Wartotrtle worth 1287 XP, a Level 42 Charmeleon worth 1278 XP, a Level 42 Ivysaur worth 1269 XP, and a Level 42 Charizard worth 1881 XP and $1512.

Take the ladder here and then move the boulder on to the switch in the lower left-hand corner.  Head up on the raised area that is now unblocked for our next battle!

Black Belt Daisuke has a Level 43 Machoke worth 1344 XP, a Level 43 Machop worth 810 XP, and a Level 43 Machoke worth 1344 XP and $1032.

Grab TM37, Sandstorm in the corner of the next area below, and then the Full Heal above.

Juggler Nelson has a Level 41 Drowzee worth 895 XP, a Level 41 Hypno worth 1449 XP, a pair of Level 41 Kadabra worth 1273 XP each and $1640.

Tamer Vincent has a Level 44 Persian worth 1395 XP, a Level 44 Golduck worth 819 XP, and $1760.

Juggler Gregory has a Level 48 Mr. Mine worth 1398 XP and $1920.

Beyond him is TM07, Hail, which you should grab, and then backtrack, heading up the ladder here.

Cooltrainer George has a Level 42 Exeggutor worth 1908 XP, a Level 42 Cloyster worth 1827 XP, a Level 968 XP, a Level 42 Electrode worth 1350 XP, and a Level 42 Sandslash worth 1467 XP and $1512.

Beside him is a treasure ball with a Max Revive in it, so grab that and then double back and go up on the raised level to the west for the next battle.

Cooltrainer Alexa has a Level 42 Clefairy worth 612 XP, a Level 42 Dewgong worth 1584 XP, a Level 684 XP, a Level 42 Persian worth 1332 XP, and a Level 42 Chansey worth 2295 XP and $1512.

At this point I ended up running out of PP on enough moves that it was time to bail out and heal up, so I used a trusty Escape Rope and then Flew back to town to do that.  I also took the opportunity to restock my kit.  Once that was accomplished it was a quick run back along to where I bailed from, and we resume the journey!

Just an observation: while it was often convenient early on to be able to pull wild Pokemon, and it helped with leveling, at this point it is more of an annoyance than anything else!  I have not been saying so, but you can safely assume that I am making this journey using Repels.  In fact I upped my kit minimum on the two top tier Repels to 20 each, and that should give you a clear idea of the present tactics (grin).

-- Return to Victory Road --

We will have to repeat a lot of the steps we took earlier, but this also means we can grab some of the things that we may have ignored earlier as well!  So, push that boulder onto the switch again, but this time head up the stairs and around to where the other boulder is blocking the two treasure balls. 

To get to these we basically have to pick one to get now -- as the other will be blocked by the boulder, and then come back after leaving the zone to reset it.  The western one is a Rare Candy, and I grabbed that first, while the north one is TM02, Dragon Claw (nice one).

Now head back up the ladder in the corner and push the boulder here onto the switch in the lower left corner again.  Do not forget to talk to the trainers that you have already beaten, because they have some interesting things to say!  One tells you that Gary has already passed through here, while another encourages you by pointing out that you earned the right to be here.

The boulder that you see immediately after accessing the level actually belongs on a switch far to the west -- you need to push it along that north passage to the switch, basically.  Grab TM50, Overheat, below and to the east of the switch, and then head down the ladder here...

Your next battle is below -- Pokemaniac Dawson has a Level 40 Charmeleon worth 1216 XP, a Level 40 Lapras worth 1876 XP, and a Level 40 Lickitung worth 1087 XP and $1920.

To the west is a treasure ball with a Guard Spec inside of it.  Follow the path around and down to the pair of trainers who are standing sort of at angles to each other and battle them now.

Cooltrainer Caroline has a Level 42 Bellsproute worth 756 XP, a Level 42 Weepinbell worth 1359 XP,  a Level 42 Victreebel worth 1719 XP, a Level 42 Parasect worth 1152 XP, and a Level 42 Paras worth 630 XP and $1512.

Cooltrainer Colby has a Level 41 Kingler worth 1809 XP, a Level 42 Tentacruel worth 1844 XP, a Level 42 Poliwhirl worth 1179 XP, a Level 42 Seadra worth 1395 XP, and a Level 43 Blastoise worth 1935 XP and $1548.

On the second level after working your way around the raised island push the boulder into the hole it is sitting beside, then drop down into the hole after it and, pushing it west, place it on the switch.  That will open the rocks blocking access to the ladder up nearby.  Head up and you will encounter a tinw battle...

Cool Couple Ray & Tyra have Level 45 Nidoqueen and Nidoking worth 1866 XP and 1875 XP respectively, and $2160.

Behind them is a ladder heading down, and when you reach the level below, another trainer is directly to the east who offers to teach one of your Pokemon the move Double-Edge.  Whether you decide to learn that move or not, you have reached the end of the caverns of Victory Road!  Head for the nearby exit and emerge outside into the bright sunlight!  Well done!

The Indigo Plateau

-- Indigo Plateau --

Outside there is a maze-like ramp leading to the stairs that are the entrance to the Indigo Plateau, so make your way up these and you will see the building ahead of you here!  Head inside to heal and save, and relax in the sure knowledge that, having reached this landmark area, you are now free to Fly in and out as you please!

At the store here you can actually purchase Full Restores -- thought they are a bit pricey at $3,000 each!

Upstairs is the standard connections room, and to the north is the door that leads to the Elite Four battle path.  You have arrived, mate.  This.  Is.  It!

-- Challenge One --

As you step through the door, Lorelei greets you!  A member of the Elite Four, she specializes in Ice-type Pokemon.  Are you ready for her?

Her Level 52 Dewgong is worth 1960 XP, and her Level 51 Cloyster is worth 2218 XP.  Her Level 52 Slowbro is worth 1872 XP.  Her Level 54 Lapras is worth 2533 XP, and her Level 54 Jynx is worth 1584 XP and $5400.

-- Challenge Two --

Bruno is next, with his Level 51 Onyx worth 1179 XP, Level 53 Hitmonchan worth 1590 XP, and  Level 56 Machamp worth 2316 XP.  Next he brings out his Level 53 Hitmonlee worth 1578 XP, and finally his Level 54 Onyx worth 1249 XP and $5600.

-- Challenge Three --

Your next opponent is Agatha -- and she does not think much of the Professor or you!

She begins with her Level 54 Gengar worth 2197 XP, her Level 54 Golbat worth 1978 XP, and her Level 56 Arbok worth 1764 XP.  Next she follows with her Level 58 Gengar worth 2361 XP, and finally her Level 53 Haunter worth 1431 XP and $5800.

-- Challenge Four --

The final member of the Elite Four, Lance the Dragon Trainer, is going to be the roughest yet!

He leads with his Level 60 Dragonite worth 2803 XP, then his Level 58 Aerodactyl worth 2508 XP, his Level 56 Gyarados worth 2568 XP, then his Level 54 Dragonair worth 1665 XP, and finally his Level 54 Dragonair worth 1665 XP and $6000.

Yay... You are... Not the League Champion... Raaawwwr?!  Gary is the League Champion!  How in the world could he have beaten these guys when he could not beat us??  Well, there is nothing for it!  We are going to have to whip his butt one more time!

-- The Final Rival Match --

He starts with his Level 59 Pidgeot which is worth 2173 XP, then follows with his Level 63 Blastoise, which is worth 2835 XP.  His next Pokemon out is his Level 59 Rhydon worth 2578 XP, then his Level 57 Alakazam worth 2271 XP.  His next offering is his Level 61 Exeggutor worth 2770, followed by his Level 59 Arcanine worth 2692 XP and $6300.

Well it looks like Gary is really pissed at us...  I mean considering all of the times he lost to us you would think that he would be expecting to lose again, right?

Just as those thoughts go swirling around our head Professor Oak shows up!  The Professor lays the harsh down on Gary, whew...

It is time to follow the Professor to the Room of Registry where our team will be immortalized for ever.  Yay us!  While we watch our Poke Balls are logged into the machine, and we get treated to a virtual parade of our team!

Welcome to the Hall of Fame!