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New Bark Town
Pokemon Heart Gold

New Bark Town

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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New Bark Town

An introduction to Pokemon

From the title screen you are prompted to begin your new adventure - and once you do that, you are presented with a short menu of help files, including Control Information and Adventure Information.  The control information explains how the touch-screen functions and goes through the buttons, and the Adventure Information provides some very general hints on how to play the game.  The final option on the menu is "No Info Needed" and you press that to continue to the game.

Next we meet Professor Oak, who introduces himself and tells you a little about the world and Pokemon before prompting you to tell him about yourself -- if you are a boy or a girl, and how you spell your name.  After you make and confirm those selections, he gives you a cheerful send-off and you find yourself in your room in New Bark Town!

There is really nothing to do up here, so head downstairs to meet your Mom, who will give you your bag, your Trainer Card, the Save Card, and the Options Card, which opens up some menu options!  She also tells you that Professor Elm is looking for you, but before you leave, take a look at the menu on the touch screen now.

Click on your Trainer Card and you will see that it contains some basic information on you -- your ID number, name, the amount of money you have, your score and time played (both of which are zero at the moment) and when your adventure began.  Touch the card to flip it over and you will see spots for your Hall of Fame Debut, stats for links, battles, and trades, and a spot for you to sign your ID card.  You may as well sign the card now, right?  Pull out your DS/DSi Stylus and click on 'Sign Card' to get started.

Now that you have signed your card, back out of that screen to the main menu and hit the Options Card.  Here you can change the way the game works -- I suggest changing the text from 'MID' to 'FAST' as that is the only setting that you really need to change now.  Close the Options Menu now.

Finally open the Bag Menu and take a look.  Inside the bag are pockets for specific items, including:

• Item Pocket
• Medicine Pocket
• Poke Ball Pocket
• TM's & HM's Pocket
• Berry Pocket
• Mail Pocket
• Battle Items Pocket
• Key Items Pocket

It may seem odd but each of those pockets save for mail will be very important later on.  For now, be aware that you will be filling those pockets as you play the game, and many of the items that you end up putting into your bag will be crucial in succeeding at catching them all, and becoming a Pokemaster!

After you are finished with the bag, it is time to hit the last card - SAVE - and save your game.  Do that so that if you end up quitting you do not have to sit through the interview with the Professor and getting the items from your Mom again, right?

So - you have saved your progress, you have your basic kit save for a few items, and you are very nearly ready to begin your adventure into the world of Pokemon!  Before you leave the house, go click on the TV -- at the moment there is a movie playing, but later in the game TV's can be an important source for information so don't neglect them!

Outside you will encounter a forceful wind that will blow a Pokemon into you, and then your neighbor will show up to claim it.  If you try to leave the town by one of the exits you will be stopped by another neighbor, who will warn you that venturing into the wilds without your own Pokemon is a dangerous thing to do!

Let's take a look around the neighborhood for a moment.  The house directly below yours belongs to your neighbor Lyra's family -- that is the girl your Mom mentioned and who claimed her Pokemon earlier.  The house next to Lyra's belongs to umm, someone, and then the house above (which is not a real house but is in fact a Pokemon Lab with an apartment above and how cool is that I ask you?) is where you will find Professor Elm.

As you approach the house you will notice a red-headed stranger standing on the side peaking in the window.  I don't want to scare you but this is one of those significant points -- walk over and say hello just for fits and shiggles -- and get knocked on your butt.  There will be more details on this person later in the walkthrough...  For now, head inside the lab!

Inside you will meet Professor Elm, who will tell you about his research and about how Pokemon are carried in balls.  I have often wondered if the Poke Ball was anything like the bottle in I Dream of Jeanie and has a tiny house inside it where your Pokemon live, hang out, and watch TV.  That would be way better than the obvious and implied reality, which is that your Pokemon exists inside in a state of animated suspension, a digitized prison in other words...  I think I will hold on to the idea that there is a little house in there.

He then moves on to the advantages of walking with Pokemon -- that is significant in that this is a remake of the version of the game in which you could walk with one of your Pokemon following you, just like Ash did in the series!  He talks about Lyra and how walking with her Pokemon helps her to better bond with it, and then announces that he will be giving you your very own Pokemon!

Before you get to pick your Pokemon though, the Professor gets an email and pauses to read it.  The email is from Mr. Pokemon, an old friend of the Professor's who has discovered some sort of rare Pokemon related item, and he wants the Professor to come get it.  The Professor does not have the time to do that, so he decides that it would be a great idea if you went in his place to the meeting.  With that settled, he directs you to choose your starter Pokemon!

Walk over to the Poke Ball Storage System and click on it to see the three balls there, which appear on the touch screen.  The ball closest to you contains a Chikorita, the one on the top right contains a Cyndaquil, and the one on the top left a Totodile.  Lets examine these Pokemon before you make your choice, shall we?

-- Chikorita is a Grass-type Pokemon, and is the first form of the Meganium evolutionary line.  Like most Grass-types, Chikorita emits a sweet scent that has a calming and healing effect, and it can create vines from its neck and leaves from the leaf on top of its head.  This is actually a quite rare Pokemon, and it is found in large open plains or small forests where it lives with other Pokemon in its evolutionary line.  In the series, Ash's Chikorita was obtained in the episode The Chikorita Rescue, and had something of a minor fault; it liked Ash so much that sometimes it would refuse to be switched out for another Pokemon during battles!

It starts with the moves Growl and Tackle, and picks up the moves Razor Leaf at Level 6, and Synthesis at Level 12, becoming a much more effective battler.  It evolves into Bayleef at Level 16, and Meganium at Level 32.  As a Grass-type it is weak against Fire, Poison, Flying, Bug, Dragon, and Steel types. 

-- Cyndaquil is a Fire-type Pokemon, and it is the first form of the Typhlosion evolutionary line.  It is known for its ability to defend itself with the flames that burn from its back, and its ability to become more powerful as it gets angry.  It has the innate ability to generate smoke, which lowers the accuracy of attacks from its opponents. 

In the series Ash caught one early on, in the episode Good 'Quil Hunting, and while this Pokemon featured prominently in his battle rotation, was a slightly flawed member of his team due to its slowness in generating its fighting abilities.  When Ash left Johto for the Hoenn Region, this was one of the Pokemon that was left in the care of Professor Oak.

Starting with the moves Tackle and Leer, Cyndaquil comes into its own once it acquires the moves Ember at Level 10, and Quick Attack at Level 13.  Cyndaquil evolves into Quilava at Level 14, and Typhlosion at Level 36.

-- Totodile is a Water-type Pokemon, and is the first form of the Feraligatr evolutionary line. It is known for the extreme power of its bite, and its ice-cold fang ability.  Like all water Pokemon, its effectiveness and strength increases when it is in a pinch.  In the animated series, Ash obtains his Totodile after a battle with Misty, and retains it throughout his adventures in Johto, after which he left it with Professor Oak in his lab for safe keeping. 

It starts with the moves Scratch and Leer, but really becomes a useful Pokemon when it picks up Water Gun at Level 6, and Bite at Level 13.  Totodile is one of only two starters that do not make their first evolution until quite late, evolving at Level 18.  Water is of course very effective vs. Fire type Pokemon, and not so effective against Grass and Dragon types.

Most trainers choose Cyndaquil or Totodile as their starters, mostly because those two have a decided advantage over Chikorita, but in the end they all end up being very powerful Pokemon, so you should really choose based upon the type that you like to play, or even the one that you like best.  You really cannot pick wrong here!  Once you have decided and selected your starter Pokemon, head back to the Professor to learn about the machine that heals Pokemon -- there is one in every Pokecenter!

He tells you that Mr. Pokemon's house is located in Cherrygrove City, and wishes you good luck on your trip!  On your way out of the lab one of the lab assistants will stop you to give you some potions which can also be used to heal your Pokemon, even when in battle!  Once you have those it is time to leave the lab.

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The fires weaknesses are rock,water,ground.
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you should have a search bar what certain people are lookin for. you went pretty ham on the details. i just dotn have the load speed to get the where i am now. haha.
ID #112666 | Feb 6th 2012 Guest
what are fire's weakness's...so far I know rock and water.
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