Back to New Bark Town

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Back to New Bark Town

Returning to show Professor Elm the Egg

Now that you have walked-off the required number of steps and hatched your Togepi, you will get a phone call from Professor Elm asking you to bring it back to the Lab so that he can have a look at it.  No worries mate, he is not going to steal it from you!  After you save, backtrack along Routes 31 and 30 to Cherrygrove City (on Route 31 be sure to stop and chat with Wade, as he may have a new berry for you!).  After you reach Cherrygrove, takes Route 29 back to New Bark Town and visit with the Professor in his Lab.  On the way you will pass by the Apricorn trees that you have already discovered, and as they may have grown a new Apricorn, be sure that you grab those as well!

On the way back to New Bark Town you may as well not avoid wild fights, since you actually want to level your team up.  Remember that you can now control all Pokemon including those obtained by trading to Level 20!  Leveling your entire party to 19 or 20 is a lot of work, but getting them to around 15 before you set out on the next major leg of the adventure is not that hard, and pays dividends in several ways, so you should consider taking the time to do that...  Remember that running while in tall grass increases the likelihood of a wild encounter.

-- A Word About Shiny Pokemon --

On my way back to New Bark Town I found myself looking at a Shiny Pidgey in one of my wild encounters!  This is rare... Wait... What is that?  You don't know about Shiny Pokemon?!  Well then before you continue from here I humbly suggest and encourage you to take a moment to carefully read Appendix 16, which covers the subject of Shiny Pokemon in some detail.  Being aware of the details and knowing how to spot a Shiny Pokemon will be very valuable to you should you strike it lucky and hit the odds!

-- Back on the Route to New Bark Town --

As you make your way towards the town remember that there is an Apricorn tree next to Mr. Pokemon's house, and one beside the Collector's House as well, so you may want to detour and grab them. 

When you arrive at the Lab and speak with the Professor he is shocked at the Pokemon that you show him, declaring that as far as he knows, there is not another one like it in Johto!  As a reward for hatching the egg the Professor gives you an Everstone -- a Pokemon hold item that, when given to one of your Pokemon, prevents them from evolving when they level up!  The Everstone is put into the Item Pocket of your bag for future reference, and if you wanted to prevent Togepi from evolving from its presently too too cute form, you can give it to them now.

Before leaving the Lab you should probably use the Pokemon healing system there and then save your game...


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how do you show him the togepi because he just says that he wants to see it but how can i show it to him when all he replies is he wants to see it...

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Does anybody have shiny gabite

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i have a shiny sceptile

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