- Twinleaf Town & Lake Verity

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The Coal Badge - Twinleaf Town & Lake Verity

Twinleaf Town

Feel free to have a look around your room if you like, then head downstairs where mom says that Damion came by to check on you. Exit out to town and try to go into the northwest house for a dialogue. After that, go inside then proceed upstairs. Now go back outside and head north to Route 201 where Damion will be waiting for you awaits. In Route 201, go left then north towards Lake Verity.

Lake Verity

You'll get to meet Professor Rowan and Lucas for the first time here. When you regain control, pick a Poke Ball from the briefcase. (Left: Turtwig; Middle: Chimchar; Right: Piplup). Choose whichever Pokemon you want and use it to defeat the Starly that appears. Go on home afterwards.

Twinleaf Town

Mom will hand over a Running Shoes which allows you to dash by holding down the B button while moving in any direction.



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