- Route 202 & Jubilife City

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The Coal Badge - Route 202 & Jubilife City

 ---------------------------------    ------------------------------------- 
| Pokemon [Route 202 : Tall Grass |  | Items or Key Items                  |
 --------------- -----------------    --------------- --------------------- 
| Bidoof        | Lv. 2-4         |  | Route 202     | Poke Ball (x5)      |
| Kricketot     | Lv. 3-4         |  | Jubilife City | Quick Claw, Old Rod |
| Shinx         | Lv. 3-4         |  |               | Poketech            |
| Starly        | Lv. 2-4         |   --------------- --------------------- 
 --------------- ----------------- 

Route 202

You'll receive some tutorials from Lucas regarding Pokemon catching, He then gives you 5 Poke Balls, Try capturing higher level Pokemon if possible (level 3 or 4 ones are good). Once you're ready, go along the linear path and accept challenges from other Pokemon Trainers on the way.

 ------------------- --------------------- ---------- 
| Trainer           | Pokemon             | Rewards  |
 ------------------- --------------------- ---------- 
| Tristan           | Starly (Lv. 5)      |   $80    |
| Natalie           | Bidoof (x2) (Lv. 3) |   $48    |
| Logan             | Shinx (Lv. 5)       |   $80    |
 ------------------- --------------------- ---------- 

Proceed north towards Jubilife City once you reach the end of the path.

Jubilife City

You'll meet Lucas yet again and this time he suggests that you visit the training school. You might want to look around town first though. Drop by the Pokemon Center to heal up your Pokemon if needed. Next, enter the Jubilife Condominiums and talk to the blond girl. She will give you the QUICK CLAW item.

Next, visit the police station to the northwest of town. Speak to the guy in red, and when he asks about the old rod, say yes. You'll receive the OLD ROD key item from him Take the west exit of the station out to Route 218.

There, you can use the Old Rod to fish for some new Pokemon. To use the item, register it first using the Y button. Now, cast the line and wait until an "!" appears on your character's head. When this happens, quickly press A to reel the line in. You must battle the caught Pokemon before you can keep it. Magikarp, a fairly useless Pokemon is very common in this area.

Return to town and enter the training school. Talk to Damion, who awaits near the blackboard and hand give him the Parcel. You'll get the TOWN MAP afterwards. Talk to the people on the blue carpet for some Pokemon battles.

 ------------------- --------------------- ------------- 
| Trainer           | Pokemon             | Rewards     |
 ------------------- --------------------- ------------- 
| Christine         | Abra (Lv. 6)        | $120        |
| Harrison          | Abra (Lv. 6)        | $120, TM10  |
 ------------------- --------------------- ------------- 

You'll run into a guy from Poketech Company when you leave the training school. He will then ask you to look for 3 Campaign Clowns and answer their Pokemon questions to get a coupon. Deliver all 3 coupons to the Poketech guy, and he will give you a Poketech. The locations of the clowns are listed below:

* In front of the lengthwise building to the right of the Pokemon Center.
* In front of the Jubilife TV Station.
* In front of the Poketech Building.

Now, proceed east from the Jubilife TV Station then past the Condominiums to Route 203, or you can also head north instead to reach Route 204.


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My route is 202 but I still made it through to jubilife

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Guys need help were to find jubilife un my version because mine is route 403 and stufff with 4 not 203 like in the walkthrough pls help

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where is the Jubilife Condominiums

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[spoiler][/spoiler] The poketch gets lots of stuff right?

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oh the jubilie city i cant fin the palkea in it

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