- Route 201 & Sandgem Town

Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough and Guide by Mogg 13-42  

The Coal Badge - Route 201 & Sandgem Town

 ----------------------------------    ------------------------------------ 
| Pokemon [Route 201 : Tall Grass] |  | Items or Key Items                 |
 --------------- ------------------    -------------- --------------------- 
| Starly        | Lv. 2-3          |  | Route 201    | Potion              |
| Bidoof        | Lv. 2-3          |  | Sandgem Town | Pokedex, Antidote   |
 --------------- ------------------    -------------- --------------------- 

Route 201

Return to Route 201 and take the east path this time. Proceed north along the grassy area, and speak to the lady there. She will give you a POTION. Take the time to battle with some wild Pokemon to gain levels. Go on righttowards Sandgem Town afterwards.

Sandgem Town

Lucas will meet you as soon as you arrive, and take you to the lab where Professor Rowan gives you a Pokedex. Leave the lab to run into Lucas again. He will then introduce you to the different structures around town. Visit the Pokemon Center and speak to the receptionist at the front desk to heal your Pokemon. Check out the Poke Mart as well to purchase Poke Balls or Potions if you want.

After that, go back home and talk to mom. She'll then give you a Journal. You will also get a Parcel from your rival's mother. Now return to Sandgem Town. There, proceed southwest along the sandy area for an ANTIDOTE at the lower section. Turn back up to Route 202.