Leveling Your Monster

Moshi Monsters Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Leveling Your Monster

Each monster that you adopt begins their relationship with you at Level 1, and while they will quickly level up to Level 2 in order to demonstrate their special Leveling Dance for you, raising their level beyond Level 2 requires considerable effort on your part.

Each time you level your monster up, they will dance, and you will receive a trophy for that level -- these trophies are meant to be kept as mementos of the event, and have no value in Rox, though they can be sold for 0 Rox if you just want to dispose of them...

The normal route to leveling your monster is a trade-off of time -- consistently playing the game each day in order to score the maximum number of experience points (XP) that you are allowed to obtain.  That's right, you can only earn a set number of XP per day -- and then only when your monster is feeling well and happy!

Leveling your Moshi starts in your home!

What that means is that you need to be sure that you are taking good care of your monster!  You need to feed it, you need to play with it, you need to care for it and give it social interaction -- all of that just to keep its mood and health high so that when you are ready to do the things that you need to do in order to gain XP it will be willing to do them!

Now that you understand the basic mechanism and the conditions, let's examine the methods that you can use to gain that XP target each day!

Moshi Monsters gain experience -- and Level -- from the following activities:

-- Being Fed
-- Being Tickled
-- Buying new Things
-- Changing your Room
-- Daily Challenges
-- Mini-games
-- Playing with their Master
-- Solving Puzzles

To maintain consistent progress you will want to play the game each day, and to create a routine that you follow so that it becomes a natural part of your play when you arrive.  You should start by visiting the Puzzle Palace and completing the Daily Challenge -- a timed quiz of general subjects like math, word seek, and the like. 

A tour through the stores to see if there are any rare items you can buy -- the inventory changes daily -- might lead to some XP for changing the decorations in your house, and of course there are the different mini-games and challenges like the Ice Scream Store for you to visit and play as well.

By creating that routine, and playing daily to get the maximum XP you are allowed to get, you will quickly level up your Moshi in no time at all!


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