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Level Three Super Moshi Walkthrough
Moshi Monsters

Level Three Super Moshi Walkthrough

Moshi Monsters Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Level Three Super Moshi Walkthrough

Before you contemplate this mission you should be aware that the quest to become a Super Moshi is only available to paid subscribers -- that is, full members of the site who pay for that membership -- and cannot be attempted by the free-level members. We cannot tell you how to access this without subscribing because it is not supposed to be available to non-subscribing members.

After you complete the Super Moshi Quest you receive the Super Moshi Box (a yellow and red box with S and M on its sides) that you click on to add to your Gift Box. Then open the Gift Box and use the duplicate box inside to access the missions -- clicking the Play button to view the video message from Super Moshi Central that will explain what is happening and where you are needed!

You are instructed to head to the Volcano where you will receive further instructions from The Gatekeeper -- an Aztec-style statue to the right of the lava flow -- who will tell you how to enter the Super Moshi HQ. As this is your first time there, he tells you "To enter, go to the building for rent on Sludge Street. There will be a clue that will help you find the first guardian of the secret code."

Use the map to travel to Sludge Street and enter the building on the far-left with the 'For Rent' sign, where you will discover a code wheel on the wall inside! You are shown the direction to the guide -- the three-eyed bloke on the docks to the left of the building -- who provides you with the first code.

He tells you that "The guy reading a book on Main Street also holds part of the code. Speak to him to continue your quest."

Head over to Main Street to find that bloke and talk to him, and he will give you the second letter, and then tell you "I'm sure the guy listening to music on Sludge Street has another letter," so it is back to Sludge Street we go!

The music fan explains that you need three letters to complete the puzzle -- and he gives you the third letter!

Note that the word that is spelled out by the letters is not always the same one -- which is why I did not include the letters here, because you really do need to talk to the three guides before you can complete this quest.

Return to the 'For Rent' building and click the scrap of paper on the floor that has the letter-to-code symbols on it, and then figure out what the three-letter-code is for your letters, and then punch that into the code wheel and you will unlock the key, which will pop out of the center of the wheel.

Click on the key to take it, and you will be told to return to the Gatekeeper and speak to him, so head back to the Volcano and insert the key into the Gatekeeper -- at which point you will be told in very clear terms that you must be a full member in order to join the Super Moshi HQ and enter. If you are not a paid member, you are not going in. Simple as that. A screen will pop-up through which you can subscribe if you are not a member, otherwise you will be told to go in.

Super Moshi Missions 1 and 2

The first two missions are dead easy and you will not require a guide to get through them -- all that you need to do is pay attention to what you are being asked to do and then do it and you are golden. The same however, cannot be said for the third mission, which a lot of players have trouble with, and which is why we have a simple guide here for you as a walkthrough to help you out if you get stuck!

Super Moshi Mission Three By the Numbers

1. Go to Volcano and enter Mission Control HQ
2. Click the Elder Moshi to bring up Mission assignment board; Click Mission #3
3. Evade all the pelting “goo” coming towards your plane... If you get hit you need to clean the plane.
4. To find Wurley, click 'rainbow'
5. Meet Nimbus in the cloud to get him to help you supercharge Wurley.
6. The first step is to make Nimbus laugh a lot; tell Nimbus three jokes, choosing the correct punchlines for each joke to complete this step.
7. The first correct answer is: Legless Sheep;
8. The second correct answer is: Slowly-cane;
9. The third correct answer is: Thunder-wear.
10. Nimbus will now start to rain.
11. The next task is to fix Wurley; return over the Rainbow and ask Flumpy to help.
12. Flumpy will request glue, sticks, material, and string with which to make a kite.
13. Collect string from the Windmill, material from the plane’s tail, sticks from the ground, and glue from the goo on the plane. Give the items to Flumpy and he will make a new kite.
14. Your next task is to anger Nimbus to provoke him into creating lightning; do this by telling him about Dr. Strangeglove's secret plan.

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ID #315325 | Oct 19th 2013 Guest
plz add me on moshi monsters blastlander is my name
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hi im amy im a member a guy didnt give me a clue i did it with out clues

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Please post free membership
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ID #180183 | Aug 26th 2012 Guest
There are codes for 24hour memberships. They are:TICKET,TREAT,and GOLD.Go to MoshiMember.com and put in one of those codes. If you are a member,it won't work. If you have already used one of those codes again it won't work. Happy monstering!
ID #174759 | Aug 11th 2012 Guest
how do you get the third stone?
ID #174578 | Aug 10th 2012 Guest
do you know were the glue is
ID #169389 | Jul 28th 2012 Guest
im a moshi member / super moshi i am on this mission
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can you post the 3 one
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hi im a member :p
ID #135166 | Apr 20th 2012 Guest
my browser froze so i exited part way through the mission, and now when i go to the "reading guy" he doesnt give me a clue... but i already got a clue from the first fisherman.. any ideas?