Adding Mods and Customizing

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Adding Mods / Customizing the World of Minecraft

One of the easiest places to find information on the most recent game Mods (and the ones that the community is raving about) is actually the official Minecraft Website ( which often features that sort of information and content as part of the news feed there and within the deep links in its Community Section.

New gamers will find the official Blog for Minecraft Creator Notch (, and a link to the official Minecraft Facebook page ( can also serve as a useful resource with respect to the hot mods of the day...  But in the end the real treasure and source for edge-of-the-moment content would have to be the official user forums at Minecraft's Home Site (, where among other things there are links to the Forums themselves (incredible infos) the official Minecraft IRC Channel, and a selection of videos, blogs, and the Wiki...

Having said all that let us ask the question that begs to be asked: What constitutes a Minecraft Mod?

There is no way to answer that question simply, so rather than try and get frustrated, why don't we examine some of the underlying purposes of the more popular mod packages for Minecraft to give you a better idea of what the player-community has actually managed to accomplish as they took what is already a wonderful game and, using it as the foundation for their Mod Project, added some amazing functions to it!  (After all that is the point of modding the game really, to add additional functionality and game play options)...

The following Mods are the most popular available now -- to obtain the most recent version of each simply paste the title line into Google and click search.

--== The Current Crop of Hot Mods ==--

-- Backpacks (by MightyPork)
Additional Requirements: Requires ModLoader and ModLoaderMP
Adds additional portable storage to the game in the form of backpacks.  MightyPork's nearly magical Backpack Mod allows players to craft backpacks out of Leather in the game in two forms -- the regular Backpack and the Magical Backpack (a backpack with Insurance).  When crafting regular Backpacks you can place a dye in the center of the recipe to craft that color of Backpack, and the Mod allows you to craft as many Backpacks as you want/need.  This Mod can be used for Single-Player and SMP Play.

-- CCTV Mod (by Kaevator)
Additional Requirements: Requires ModLoader Package
Video Camera Screen -- Seriously!  This mod allows gamers to place up to 13 CCTV Cameras around their house/den/stronghold and then monitor them using the multi-sized screens included with the mod.  That's right, you can set up a high-security zone with a wall of video displays in your Security Room so that you will KNOW that there is a Creeper lurking near the corner, waiting for you to emerge so he can tell you "Nysssse Wall - BANG!"  And how cool is that?!

-- Elevator Mod (by Exanadu)
Additional Requirements: None.
This package adds a craftable lift to the game that can be used for travel between the levels of your home/den/stronghold/mineshaft, with fully adjustable speed and Block ID designation.  The controls for this device are simplified, and rather than use a switch simply requires the player to right-click the lift to activate it!

-- Magic Wands Mod (by MightyPork)
Additional Requirements: Requires ModLoader and ModLoaderMP
If you cannot watch a Harry Potter movie without wishing you had your own magic wand, this Mod is for you!  The Magic Wands are universal tools that allow the player to use the same tool for many tasks, to build en entire wall in one click, and even an entire rick building in one click!  Each Wand type is used for different types of construction -- watch the YouTube video for more information.

-- MMW Modern Minecraft Weapons V7 Mod (by MERKgamer)
Additional Requirements: Modloader Link AudioMod Link, ModloaderMP Link, and Minecraft Forge Link
Most players expected that it was just a matter of time before guns were introduced to the world of Minecraft -- but hardly anyone was expecting it to be high-powered military arms that feature the use of ammunition clips, sniper scopes, and a level of realism that includes the kick of a round being fired!

This Mod presently includes the following weapons: FN Herstal P90, MP7 L118A Sniper Rifle, Walther P99 Semi-Automatic Pistol, Smag, Glock G18, Barret M82A1 Sniper Rifle, Magnum, MK14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, Heckler-Koch HK G36C, MK46 Crew-Served MG, M79 Thumper, PP90M1 SMG -- basically all of the weapons you would expect to see in a AAA FPS title.

While this Mod is not compatible for SMP play, compatibility for that mode IS being planned, they jusr do not know when it will actually be implemented. 

-- Rope Mod (by djoslin)
Additional Requirements: None.
Have you ever stood on the top of a ravine and thought to yourself -- if Indiana Jones were standing here he would be swinging from a rope?!  Well now you can!  The rope was created for all those times you wanted to rappel down a large cliff or cave -- and when attached to a solid block on top you can do just that!   This just keeps getting cooler by the minute!

-- TNT Mod Package (by Navist)
Additional Requirements: Requires ModLoader Package
A package that adds additional recipes to the game and their effects, including recipes for the items Firebomb, Miner TNT, Napalm, Nuke, and Scatterbomb, which allow you to obtain designer effects for your explosives.  The names for these new items illustrate their function nicely -- and in addition to adding these new recipes, the TNT Mod includes the ability to alter the characteristics and effects of each of these new items within the game.

-- Turret Mod (by djoslin)
Additional Requirements: None.
Sometimes you simply need to apply concentrated fire on a target and nothing short of a turret will do the trick!  The turret was created for just those times -- providing your home/den/stronghold with a mounted gun that includes complete control over the aiming process.  The movement keys control the rotation of the turret, shift allows the aim to move slower, and the spacebar shoots the turret, which includes three types of cannonball: regular cannonball can break through two blocks, piercing cannonball can break through 10, and the napalm cannonball turns blocks into fire and bounces around.

--== Mod and Beyond ==--

The selection of Mods listed above are intended to give you some ideas about what other players have done in adding to and expanding game play and content for Minecraft -- but these are just a taste of the mods that are out there that you can obtain and install! 

Other Mods include PC computers with full-fledged DOS interfaces and screens you can use in the game to play a text-adventure game called Minecraft (grin) as well as use for opening and closing doors, adding passwords to control access to mines and structures and controlling devices with the computer.  There are mods that add better armor to the game, a wide variety of weapons, new enemies (like dinosaurs) -- there is even a Mod called HarryCraft that adds elements from the world of Harry Potter to Minecraft, including a fully-functional Quiditch stadium and flyable brooms!  Seriously! 

The vast majority of the mods out there add things to the game -- items, objects, and even machines -- there are mods that add cars to the game, there are mods that add wireless switches and cell phones, and there are even mods that add other video games to the game!  How about real world sports?  Care to play basketball?  How about bowling? 

While it is certainly not factual to say if you think of it, someone has created a mod for that, the state of Minecraft mods is getting to the point where most really popular ideas from fiction and games have made a dent into its world -- and of course you could always sit down and create your own mod if there is not one that does what you want to do in the game...

--== How do You Install a Mod? ==--

While the complicated answer to this question can be different depending upon the Mod in question, its structure, and the support programs and utilities required to run it, in general the process is pretty similar for the mods for each platform -- though the installation process is a lot different from platform to platform...  And we do not even begin to address the question of how -- or even IF -- you will be able to install Mods to the Xbox 360 LIVE Arcade version of the game since it is still largely an open question as to whether players will be allowed to add mods to it (though it has been confirmed that there will be a mechanism for adding Skins and Texture Packs via the LIVE Marketplace).

The installation process is very basic for most single player mods since it all revolves around the Jar files in the game.  The process for Minecraft 1.1 for Microsoft Windows is different than that on Mac, and Linux is very different indeed...  The Mobile versions (if they have mod packages) are in package format, with each requiring specific unique steps...

Because each Mod Package may have different requirements you are cautioned to read the installation instructions in a package-by-package basis, and follow the instructions contained therein -- and as always, you should back up your data and game files BEFORE applying a mod package just in case things go wrong.

For Microsoft Windows gamers are advised to create a Restore Point in the Admin Utilities before they apply a mod package each time.

The advice above is meant to apply to content mod packages -- when the mod you are considering installing and adding to your game is an interface mod, there are other considerations you will need to factor into the process...

Called "Client Mods" this second type of Mod Package consists of modifications to your Minecraft program rather than to the game content.  These are not custom clients -- that is to say they do not replace the official Minecraft Client -- but rather they are literal modifications to the official client and are applied to the minecraft.jar files.  It should be remarked that these mods are only for the actual program itself, and are not playable or useable via the Web Browser game interface.

Minecraft Client Mods are largely used to change the appearance of the interface -- meaning that they are mostly aesthetic, or they are used to add display of additional information to the main interface .  While some of the client mods add content to the game, for the most part it is more common for them to use existing game features and content in a different way.