Something Rotten in The Air

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Chapter 1

Something Rotten in The Air

Golden Gun: PT92 (3 parts)
Clues: 2

As soon as you start the game, don't enter the room yet; instead keep heading forward until you find a golden gun on the floor near the windows. This is the first of the many collectibles in the game. (Golden PT92 Part 1)

Head inside the room and check the magazine to get the first clue in this chapter (Celebrity Magazine) on the table. You need to pick this up before heading outside the balcony.

Once done, exit the balcony and while you're sliding in slow-mo, aim for the hostage-taker's head and kill him with one shot.

After getting off the elevator, you'll find a golden glimmer on the floor, far ahead. Pick it up to get the second golden gun part of the chapter.  (Golden PT92 Part 2)

Follow the path and kill the last enemy. Hold X as instructed and keep shooting to deliver a series of overkill shots to the target. Continue to the parking lot.

Once there, clear the area and open the gate. Head to the second area and continue to the parking area B01, the far corner. The last golden gun part should be found here.  (Golden PT92 Part 3)

Continue follow the road ahead and you should find a dropped photo on the ground. This is your second and last clue of the chapter. (Dropped Photo)

Continue heading up and clear the next area of enemies. As the van makes its escape, shoot the tires and clear out the remaining enemies. Next, kill the last two enemies aiming for your client and kill them quickly.


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i think u did a great job detailing everything from point a to point b. awesome

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