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Follow the dark path or use the light


Nothing But the Second Best

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 2

Nothing But the Second Best

Golden Guns: .38 Revolver (3parts), Mini-30 (3 parts)
Clues: 6

At the start of the chapter, you'll be in mid-air in bullet time. If you have FREE AIM enabled, you can attempt unlocking the Out the Window trophy by killing all six enemies before you land on the floor.

Window Cleaning

After the scene and after Max dives out from the window, look at the DJ stage. The first part of the two golden guns in this chapter can be found there. (.38 Revolver Part 1)

After getting the part, head to the exit for a scene. This should open the previously locked door beside the DJ stage. Kill the enemies inside and before moving out, collect all the available collectables in here.

Check the bar itself to find the first part of the second gun in this chapter. (Mini-30 Part 1)

Next, examine the Club Flyer in the counter of the bar for the chapter's first clue.

Next, check out the Claudio's corpse beside the couch to get another clue. (Dead Soccer Star)

After getting the collectables in this room, continue to the next room and kill all enemies. Exit to the door for a scene.

Continue to the next lounge and clear all enemies. Find the DJ platform and get up there to find another gun part. You may need to access it through the staff room door on its left side.  (.38 Revolver Part 2)

Exit through the door and you should find yourself in a small bathroom. Check the middle door for a short conversation with an ex-cop. This should be added to your list of clues for this chapter. (Ex-cop)

After finding the ex-cop, check the sink nearby for a clue. (Torn Dress Fabric)

Continue to the kitchen and kill all enemies. Grab the next clue beside the radio near the sink to the right. (Portuguese Newspaper)

Continue to japanese-themed restaurant and clear all enemies. You'll find the second part of the Mini-30 golden gun in the center dining area. (Mini-30 Part 2)

Exit the restaurant to find the captors. Head out to the veranda for the next scene. During this helicopter sequence, you have to take out the enemies before they can kill the girl. Keep doing this until you finally reach the part where there are RPG-wielding guys on the helipad. Shoot the rocket before it hits the chopper then kill the enemies below. Another RPG guy will appear afterward so blow the rocket again to complete this sequence.

Helicopter chase

After jumping off from the chopper, grab the two painkillers from the first aid cabinet along the stairs then continue downstairs and go through the double doors to find a room inside with the another gun part. (Mini-30 Part 3)

Continue following the path and take out the initial wave of enemies in the rooftop. Proceed to the large signboards and kill the next set of enemies. Continue to the far end to find a gun part.  (.38 Revolver Part 3)

Continue forth and kill all enemies until you finally reach the stairs. The last clue in this chapter is found along the way. (Giovanna's Necklace) Continue downstairs and exit through the door for a scene.