(Priority) Sur'Kesh

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(Priority) Sur'Kesh

Unlockable Weapons and Equipment:
Armax Arsenal Greaves
Sentry Interface
M-13 Raptor (Sniper)
Scorpion (Heavy Pistol)

Weapon Upgrades
Assault Rifle Extended Barrel
Shotgun Blade Attachment
Shotgun Spare Ammo
Pistol High Caliber Barrel
Pistol Scope

Head to the location and dock with the ship to meet with the diplomats. After a brief meeting, you'll be on your way to Sur'Kesh to retrieve the immune krogan females.

After landing you can investigate the area and talk to Padok Wiks when ready. Go through a few more scenes, until you finally have control. Check out the shelves past the stairs to find an Assault Rifle Extended Barrel.

After grabbing the part, approach the elevator. Once it gets blown, head to the emergency exit. Climb the ladder out and clear the area. There's a Shotgun Blade Attachment from a shelf inside the room to the right.

Continue forth and clear the enemies. There's a med-kit near the Yahg containment capsule as well. Open the door in the far end of the hallway and watch the Yahg escape. Vault over to the left and jump over the broken floor to find a Shotgun Spare Ammo upgrade.

Continue upstairs and kill the enemies there. Examine the terminal near the varren specimens to earn some credits. Activate the quarantine checkpoint then kill the two enemies on the Cerberus shuttle. Head out through the broken wall. Grab the Pistol High Caliber Barrel on the shelf inside the room ahead then push forward.

Continue upstairs and more enemy forces will appear. An enemy engineer will erect a turret ahead. You can order your allies to take cover and provide covering fire as you move it for a flanking maneuver or just take them all out from a distance. Once clear, activate the scanner and stand still to authorize your entry.

Grab the medi-gel along the way then fight through the office area. There's an Armax Arsenal Greaves on top of the table in the middle so grab it when you can. Continue to the far end of that room then turn left to find salvage (worth credits) and a Sentry Interface. Climb up to the upper floor when ready.

Bypass the door and immediately find the M-13 Raptor on the bench beside a corpse. The pod is getting hit heavily so quickly push forth and take out the enemies as fast as you can. Grab the Pistol Scope beside a Research Terminal as well.

You'll have to activate power terminal next. There's another weapon on the floor in front of it. Grab the Scorpion and activate the power terminal.

Return back to the pod and take out the enemies. Activate second checkpoint once clear. More enemies will appear so take them all out as well. Once done, go through the door and jump across to use the ladder up. Clear more enemies then authorize the third checkpoint. Finally, an Atlas will appear. You have to destroy it quickly before the female krogan gets killed. Once its dealt with, clean up the remaining foot soldiers.

Clearing the LZ

The mission is completed after the scene.


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It is worthy of mention that before speaking to Padok Wiks when you land at the salarian research facility, conversate with Major Kirrahe as he will provide additional war assets.

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