Getting Started

The first thing you will need to do upon beginning to play Avengers Alliance is to create your character.

Notice the bar at the top, which acts as the game's main menu, and has no real function during gameplay, and also the bottom menu, which lists any friends you have in the game, and 'Tony', the computer-controlled ally who follows you throughout.

Click on the gender that you would prefer to play as, then you will have the choice of Customize or Play Now. If you intend to put any time into Avengers Alliance and invite friends to play, for example, you will want to Customize your character at least a little.

Customizing Your Character:

If you pick the Customize option, you are able to rename your Agent, change the gender yet again, and pick the hair and face of your character. This isn't particularly in depth, but you should at least be able to give your character a little bit of individuality to help them stand out from the crowd.


Having completed the first few steps, you are thrust into a hardcore training session, with all the safeties turned off.

Being a turn-based game, the way that the gameplay works is for you to begin and pick your weapon and attack. Select the pistol (Needle Gun) by clicking on it, then click on the 'Salvaged Sentinel' that has been sent to test you in this final training session.

You will attack and do a little damage, before the Sentinel returns fire. You can see your Health and Stamina in meters below the item selection pane. The game has deliberately set it up so that you are much weaker than the Sentinel. As a result, after a couple of its attacks, you will be advised of the supplies offered to you by the S.H.I.E.L.D. program.

Click the Inventory item, which is indicated by a locked chest, then click on the Frag Grenade. You will see it appear by your cursor, then click on the Sentinel to throw it. Because the grenade is so powerful, it will finish off the Sentinel for you. Hurrah! With that, you have learnt many of the basics of Avengers Alliance and should now be able to recruit your first Hero to assist you in battle.


On the bottom-left hand side of the screen, above the Health and Stamina indicators, you can see a list of your attack options. You begin the game with just one weapon, the Needle Gun, which looks like a regular pistol. Soon, however, once you level up, more weapons will be coming your way.

To attack, click the item that you want to begin the turn with, then select your target. If you mouse-over the weapon, it will list its stats for you.


XP, or Experience Points, can be gained from completing virtually any action in Avengers Alliance. A good idea, therefore, is to send your Heroes on tasks before you quit the game. This means that when you come back to the game, the tasks will be completed and you will have an influx of XP.

You should also ask your friends to crew your Jets and upgrade everything to get extra XP.