Wario's Gold Mine (FC)

Mario Kart Wii Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Mario Kart Wii Guide - Wario's Gold Mine (Flower Cup)

Wario's Gold Mine


1) Wheelie to the bend.
2) Drift boost around the bend, straightening out before the dip. The drop is steep and hard to control your kart on. It also doesn't have any railings and is rather narrow. You can still wheelie down it with practice.
3) Drift boost around the first corner coming in and switch immediately around the next corner.
4) Avoid the Swoop while wheelieing
5) Hug the left side to keep up the wheelie
6) You can drift boost here if you're on the left side. Wheelie to the ramp and trick off it.
7) The mine carts enter here. Watch the track they're on to gauge their moment.
8) Hug the right side, then after the bend cut across the track and head straight right to where the mine carts are headed.
9) Jump the gap where the mine carts leave the track for a shortcut.
10) It's narrow and windy, so don't fall off when you hit a boost.
11) Be very careful of your landing, it's a small target if you're not lined up right.
12) Drift boost around and start a wheelie to point 1

The drop right out of the gate often trips people up, try not to fall off. The shortcut at the end is often forgotten about and can shave a lot of time off.

Point 9: The shortcut


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I like the signs that say wario's gold mine & the signal. I also like the way that it looks like an old west mining town. Awesome!

Added 16th Apr 2012, ID #134265

Theres an ultra shortcut on this course where you you bounce on the pipe to the platform and go back to finish line

Added 30th Mar 2012, ID #127622

When you enter the mine,there are bats.They go right,left,right,left.You have to go the opposite ways.

Added 17th Dec 2011, ID #95797

Hardest track for me in the whole game, for some reason.

Added 8th Dec 2011, ID #93506

Its good to use the shortcut? I figured it out long ago but my friend said the gold mine things push u off and its a thin rail thing. What a lie!

Added 11th Jul 2011, ID #56793

yyaaaaahhhhhhh....Still... one of my favorites.MK King

Added 20th Jun 2011, ID #50770

points 6 is where the easiet place to fall of this stage this stage is easy to fall off so you gotta becarful point 9 shortcut to me its kinda annoying because there karts could get in your way most of the time and if you hit a kart u maybe fall or you lose speed and couldnt make the gap

Added 27th Mar 2011, ID #34532

At point 6 there is a edge ramp. Do it right and you can get a boost from doing a trick off of it. It is rather hard as I can't get it everytime. Also, never get a item box from the side half pipes.

Added 1st Aug 2010, ID #7049