Mario Kart Wii Guide - Mario Circuit (Flower Cup)

Mario Circuit


1) Wheelie all the way from point 12 to point 2
2) Drift boost
3) Wheelie
4) Drift boost
5) Wheelie down, avoiding the Goomba
6) Chain Chomp. If you are the first one though, stay far to the left, he cant reach you. If not, his head should be extended out into the road already, giving you a chance to take the inside of the track, or, better yet, use a mushroom to go straight through the sand.
7) Wheelie
8) Drift boost
9) Watch for the goomba and wheelie
10) Goomba all the way down this section.
11) Drift boost and hold it to point 12, or release it half way and start another boost at point 12.
12) See 11
13) If you boosted twice, start your wheelie here.

The chain chomp is a wild card, it's hard to predict. Be careful on approach. Overall a very basic track though.