Mario Kart Wii Guide - Daisy Circuit (Star Cup)

Daisy Circuit


1) Wheelie to point 2
2) Start a drift and hold it to point 3
3) By this point, you should be facing the houses (literally the opposite direction of when you started the drift). You should see a small opening in one of the building with a ramp leading up. It's best if you have a mushroom, but even if you don't going up this ramp is still faster.
4) The quickest way through here is to keep right and make a straight line through right side with a wheelie
5) Drift boost around.
6) Start a wheelie and take it down to point 7
7) Drift boost around the bend then wheelie to point 8
8) Drift boost again and wheelie to point 2

The shortcut at point 3 will take some getting used to, but is well worth it. There are also several points where you can get up on the sidewalk, but it's not really worth it as it slows you down.

Point 3: The shortcut