Chapter One

Limbo Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Chapter One

You will reach a selection of wooden beams and a rope on the precipice of a cliff. Look for the crate beneath the contraption, and pull it to the left (using X/B). It is tethered to the platform, so pull it all the way before climbing over it. Press jump and your character will automatically grab onto ledges. Press it again to pull him up.

At the top, jump onto the rope and slide down to the beam. Drop down from this to reach the lower level.

Descend the rope to continue

Head to the right and jump in the boat. It will take you across the water. Once on the other side, jump out and use the action button (X/B) to grab the boat and pull it to the right. You can then use it to give you a platform to jump up to the next section. Use the ladder slightly hidden to the right to climb up and then jump left to reach the rope.

Proceed to the right through the darkness. Head through the first rays of sunlight, but stop when you reach the second, as there are some traps ahead.

Look out for the bear traps on the ground.

You can't jump both the traps, so pull the left-hand one away, creating a sufficient gap in between the two to allow you to clear both in two jumps.

Continue until you see a rope with an animal carcass hanging from it. Drop into the pit underneath, and pull the trap to the right underneath the rope. Climb back up to the left, and jump on the rope. The carcass will trigger the trap, allowing the rope to reach higher – you can then get to the ledge up to the right.

Follow the path until you come to another large log. Jump onto it, and then immediately back to the left. This triggers a boulder to come hurtling towards you, but it will miss you if you are far enough left. Jump over the boulder and continue right.


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I can't jump to the large branch on the left after swinging from the vine, I just keep falling to the ground 😡. I am on a iphone

Added 8th Aug 2015, ID #595309

How do you beat the one where you push the crate into the water, it wont let me pull.

Added 5th Jul 2015, ID #580207

How do I beat the one with the crate and deep water I'm only 11 and 17!!! O why O why cruel world

Added 24th Feb 2015, ID #520872

I'm stick where you need to pull the one legged spiders leg off. But it won't let me pull

Added 22nd Feb 2015, ID #519781

I can't do the boulder one >.<

Added 28th Dec 2014, ID #491469

I have the PC version, so in Chapter Two, I can't pull the cart left, B + X don't work. I'm stuck and have no idea how to go further in the game. Please help! I'm so intrigued in this game, I just can't get passed this silly cart!

Added 20th Feb 2014, ID #356967

i cant make the jump from tree to the roap aftr getting frm boat...tried a lot of times bt still a BIG FAIL!!!!!!!

Added 19th Jul 2013, ID #298599

There is an egg on the ground to the left of the starting point, run until you get to a will. It lies in the corner. The game will tell you that you are running in the wrong direction, but just ignore it for a few seconds ;)

Added 18th Jul 2012, ID #165557

Thanks ;-)

Added 18th Feb 2012, ID #115914