Chapter Four

Limbo Walkthrough and Guide by Mike Hazleton  

Chapter Four

Soon you will come to a slope, and you must jump before you reach the pit at the bottom to avoid another death.

Push the boulder to the right, into a pit, once you reach it. Immediately run back to the left, as the boulder will send the tree coming crashing down. Use the new bridge to head further right. Once you drop down the small dip you will find yourself on top of a boulder. Move to the right edge and it will begin to move. Continue to move left so as to keep the boulder moving. Beware also, as the spider has returned and is now chasing the boulder. You need to jump from it and onto the stump ahead as quickly as possible.

Get over the crest and you will slide down.


Avoid the spider's advances


Run to the right towards the character sitting down. The ground will give way, sending you down to a lower section. Once you reach the pit, jump on the rope and immediately let go, swinging to the right. This will allow you to avoid the trap harnessed to the rope. You can then move back left and safely use the rope to swing to the next ledge.


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