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Follow the dark path or use the light


Y5 L6: A Veiled Threat

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 5 - Level 6: A Veiled Threat

Level starts with another cauldron ingredient hunt. Use WiLe on the three globes right in front of the starting point, then bring the ingredient all the way to the right where the cauldron is located. For the next ingredient, look up from the cauldron, there's a four-wheeled cart. Move the three colored items using WiLe, then pick up the ingredient.


Use Harry, go back to the left a little, there will be another cart. Jump up to it, then your friends will lift you up, then pick up the last ingredient.

Destroy five globes.

Just keep running down the corridors to escape.

Hermione (Jumper) character token:
Fill up the tank on right side with AGUA, then use WiLe to shake the tank.
Lucius (Death Eater) character token:
Build the globe and use WiLe to shake it.
Destroy the five globes that you will see in the first three areas of Year 5 - Level 6: A Veiled Threat.

Now you need to free five people while avoiding the shots from the villains. First up, go to the left area, where there are white boulders. Use WiLe to move the boulders, keep holding down B until the boulder shoots and hits the enemy.


Next up, move a little to the right, there you will see some red blocks. Hit it, then use WiLe to build an anvil. Use WiLe on the anvil, hold down B, then hold up or down to make it shoot. Then, go to the leftmost area. Use WiLe to build a skeleton, then WiLe make it shoot the villain.


Go back to your starting point, use WiLe on the wheeled desk and shoot it. Switch to Sirius, go to the center area and pet-dig on the sand. Use WiLe to shoot the item to free the lovely Luna.

Dig up on the right side area.
Use Dark Wizard on five red objects.

Crest 3

Another dueling sequence ends Year 5. This time you tag team with Sirius to kick serious butt! [pun intended!]

Basic dueling rules apply. You can choose any character and face one of the villains. When choosing the same color for you enemy's magic, make sure to block when a spell is coming at you, since sometimes the villain will shoot twice in a row while you are still choosing your spell. Take note of that. Check the video below:

Kicking Sirius butt

Then you'll face Voldemort.

Fudge (Wizengamot) character token:
On the right side of the fountain.
Put out ten fires made by the dragon.

Using Dumbledore, keep mashing the button to beat Voldemort's magic.

Once the dragon is out, build the sprinkler at center area to damage the dragon. Use your WiLe on the water valve fountain at the right side to add more damage. Attack Voldemort with Dumbledore for yet another damage. Then Dumbledore will keep on blocking Voldemort's spells. Switch to Harry, and make sure to always stay behind Dumbledore. Use WiLe to build the debris from Voldemort's shots and shoot it back to him three times. Check the video below for some reference and action. =)

Threat no more

Congratulations, you have finished Year 5!