Chapter 6: Chemical Signature

To start this next mission, you have to follow the large truck and keep shooting at it. Once the driving sequence starts, just concentrate on taking out the targets and shooting at the projectiles. There will be two billboards you must shoot, each containing a minikit. See the video below to know their locations.

Minikit hunting

There are also three cabs you must destroy to unlock a minikit. Check the video below for more details.

Minikit hunting 2

Once the truck's hearts are decimated, you'll start with the next checkpoint.

Rolling, like a boss.

Once inside, destroy the panels beside the two capsules where the robots appear. Next, destroy the two boxes near the blue capsule to change into Robin's Magnet Suit. Pull the nearby bar then guide the metal ball to the left side. Continue pulling it up until it activates the blue metal beams where Robin can walk on.

After pulling the magnetic ball to the left, head back to the right to pull the minikit using the same fashion.

Continue to the upper portion of the truck and activate the valve so Batman can climb up. Go to the right and pull the blue bar so two boxes fall down. Destroy the boxes and assemble the pieces for Batman's Sensor Suit. Climb up the ladder to reach the truck's rooftop. To the left you'll find a civilian in distress. Rescue him then destroy the glowing blue gear to disable the security camera. Two robot capsules will appear; just destroy the power conduit in the middle to stop them.

Have Robin go up the roof again and pull the blue magnetic part to close off the vents and for you to go across. Destroy the blue parts to reveal a green wall. Use Batman's X-ray vision to fix and connect the gears to close the next set of vents.

Walk to the right a bit and two rocketeers will appear. Use your batarang to shoot them down then re-assemble the parts to equip the Bat Suit. Have Robin pull the blue part in the next car and use the Bat Suit to glide across.

Destroy the large glowing gears to turn off the electricity then use the sonic gun to destroy the transparent parts. Next, let Robin pull the dish to destroy it and reassemble the parts to become a bat terminal. Use it to summon the Bat Wing and destroy the sides of the truck.

Enemies will appear so get rid of them as necessary then proceed to the front of the truck to find a minikit dangling close the road. Enter the truck again and pull the blue bar inside.

Continue to the holding area then activate the switch to the left. Destroy it to power off one of the beams. Walk on the magnetic pipes and destroy the second switch to power off the second laser. Reassemble the pieces to create a grappling handle.

Grab the grappling handle then grab the other grappling handle in one of the beams. Use it to reach the third switch. Destroy it to complete the chapter.