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Getting Started
inFamous 2

Getting Started

inFamous 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Getting Started

You can load your completed inFamous 1 story or start a new game. By loading an inFamous 1 game save, you'll unlock various bonuses depending on the trophies and moral standing you have.

• Good or Evil Trophies from Infamous 1 (even when the karma meter is not full) – Start the game with LV1 Good or Evil Karma
• At least 25% blast shards collected – Start the game with a free energy core
• At least 50% blast shards collected – Start the game with two free energy cores
• Completing the game on any karma – Gain 1000 exp

Take note that some of the dialogues and side missions may be altered depending on the past decisions you've made with the original game.

After the initial scene and a little backdrop of the story, you'll be back in your feet. At this point, just follow the tutorials. The controls are pretty much identical to the first game (with just some minor tweaks) so returning players should be able immediately comfortable with controlling Cole. For newbies, you can just press Start and view the layout of the buttons. Continue forth and shoot the gate open. Continue forward and aim at the “disturbance”. Shoot a bolt at it to start the first boss battle of the game.

You are only armed with your trusty lightning bolt so just aim and keep shooting. Watch out from the stuff The Beast throws and continue shooting until it staggers. Next is when you'll be fighting in mid-air. This time, it'll be using its vacuum orb so make sure to fly away from it. Once it stops, continue your barrage of lighting bolt until a part of its head is destroyed.

When you're back on the ground, keep shooting at it and activate your Ionic storm by pressing the down arrow key as soon as it is ready. Run back to the ship. Jump as soon as you reach the end of the pier and you'll be grabbed by the Beast. Again, keep shooting at it then use your Ionic Storm once prompted.

First encounter with the Beast

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