Forward Momentum

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Forward Momentum

You'll be in New Marais at last. There's nothing much to explore for now so follow Kuo for the meantime. You'll encounter some militias along the way; just destroy them and follow Kuo to the alley. Clear the path using your Alpha Blast.

Continue following Kuo until more militias show up. Climb up the buildings and clear them out. You'll also have a Good Karma opportunity here by rescuing a civilian being mugged on the ground. Rush to the civy's aid to gain a good karma boost. Climb back up to retrieve the blast core.

Next, you need to head to Wolfe's laboratory. The objective point will be marked in your map so use the buildings and grindwires to get across quickly. There are also some militias along the way; feel free to take them out. Continue to Wolfe's rooftop and watch the scene.

You'll acquire the Kinetic Pulse ability by activating the Blast Core you acquired earlier. And to activate the RFI, you need to find six more. After acquiring the Kinetic Pulse, you need to practice using it by throwing a car and defeating a Militia with a thrown object. Pick up an item with R2, then throw it by using X. There also some wounded civilians on the ground that needs some attention. Defeat the nearest militia using your ability  to complete the mission. There are also cops looking for you; defeating them will increase your evil karma so leave the area to avoid encountering them if you're playing as the good guy.


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