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Breaking into New Marais
inFamous 2

Breaking into New Marais

inFamous 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Breaking into New Marais

Watch a few more scenes and you'll be back on the ground. You'll get the Amp as your melee weapon. Like before, Cole is still vulnerable against water so stay on dry ground. Next, use your Pulse to identify energy sources on the radar.

If you want to see the whole map, just press SELECT. Also, aside from your Alpha bolt, you also have access to your Alpha Blast and Alpha Grenade. Both are pretty convenient and invaluable powers so use them in situations you see fit.

Continue heading south until you reach a wooden bridge. The path will be destroyed as you move. And since the gaps are too wide for you to jump, use your Static Thrusters by pressing R1 in the middle of the jump.

After crossing the bridge, you'll be discovered by guards. Defeat them then continue forth. Defeat more guards.

You need to power up the generator across the swamp to lower the walkway so you can cross. The generator will have color indicators showing its power level.

• Powering up the generator to its normal level won't harm the civilians but you need to fight off more enemies
• Overloading the generator will burn the entire village, killing all the guards and civilians (and pets).

Choosing the first option will unlock the Guardian Karma Rank and will grant you the Civilian Safety skill as soon as you cross the bridge. Otherwise, you'll unlock the Thug Karma Rank instantly and unlock the Bystander Bonus power. To know the details of these powers, press START and select Powers from the menu.

Good Karma
Shoot the generator until its green and wait for the walkway to lower down the walkway. Defeat the enemies nearby then proceed to the wounded civilians to heal them. You can also gain good karma by restraining your enemies instead of finishing  or bio-leeching them.

Bad Karma
Continue powering up the generator to overcharge it and blow up everything. This will also unlock your LV Karma Rank (Thug) This will make things easier for you since most of the enemies in the immediate area will be gone and you don't have to worry about collateral damage. You can also bio-leech enemies to fully recover your energy and gain bad karma exp at the same time. Continue to emplacement and destroy it.

Continue forth and fight off the militia members. Halfway to the artillery emplacements, an artillery barrage will welcome you. Quickly move to the other side and shoot the large gas tank to destroy the emplacement and create a walkway for you.

Quick run through the fireworks

Continue along the path and jump on the debris and platforms to make it across the other side. There will be a turret waiting so stay behind cover and use your grenades to take out the gunner. Disable the turret to earn experience as well.

Jump on the wires to dash across them. Just remember to immediately use your static thruster so you won't fall short to the water. Cross the metal pipes until you reach another platform with some militia. Clear the platform out and continue forward until you reach the dock.

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Comments for Breaking into New Marais

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ID #164952 | Jul 16th 2012 Guest
I am having problems blowing up the generator. When I 1st played it blew up easily and the bridge lowered - but for 2 nights despite throwing loads of fire balls at the generator it hasnt blown up nor the bridge lowered. Any ideas what im doing wrong please? I even started a new game to hope it would get me past this bit.