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Data Hive
Halo 3: ODST

Data Hive

Halo 3: ODST Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Halo 3: ODST Guide - Walkthrough

Data Hive

Mombasa Streets
Character: The Rookie

Objective: Locate UNDERGROUND ENTRANCE to search for Captain Dare
Start by following the arrow on your compass to the Beacon. When you reach the Beacon zone, press up on the D-Pad to call up a marker onscreen pointing to the Underground Entrance. Approach the door the marker is pointing to and hold the RB button to start the level.

Data Hive
Character: The Rookie
Achievements: Data Hive, I Like Fire (kill 10 enemies with Flamethrower).

Objective: Find Dare on sublevel 9
Hop down to the area below. Activate VISR and look around. Pick up the Plasma Pistol next to the dead Grunt if you don’t already have one, as well as the Shotgun and ammo by the dead officers. Once you’re suited up, continue through the unlocked door at the northeast end of the area.

Grab the Shotgun by the dead officer before continuing on.

Make your way to the very end of the corridor, killing any Grunts you come across along the way, and proceed through one of the unlocked doors to enter the next corridor. You’ll encounter three Jackal infantry at the start of the corridor. There is plenty of cover leading up to the Jackals, so move up from cover to cover to get close. Use your Plasma Pistol to dissolve a Jackal’s shield and then plug him with the Shotgun. There’s a pack of Grunts toward the end of the corridor; take them out and then continue through the unlocked door at the southwest end.

In the first circular room, exit through the passage to the southeast. A Brute, a couple of Grunts, and a Jackal will confront you as you enter the second circular room. Be ready with a charged Plasma Pistol, hit the Brute to remove his armour and then stick him with a Plasma or Spike Grenade.

Grab the health pack by the start of the southwest corridor if need be. There is a Brute Captain armed with a Brute Shot and some Grunts in the room at the end of the corridor. Hit the Brute with a charged Plasma Pistol shot, stick him with a Plasma or Spike Grenade, and then take to the Grunts.

Continue through the northeast corridor to meet up with a friendly NMPD officer. Approach one of the computers on either side of the data-stick and hold the RB button to raise it. Some Drones will then fly up; blast them with your Shotgun and drop down to sublevel 8.

Interact with one of the monitors to raise the data-stack and then drop down to sublevel 8.

In sublevel 8 you can restore your health using the health pack along the north wall if necessary. Swap your Plasma Pistol for the full one by the dead Drone next to the southeast door and look around for some Shotgun ammo to the left. Start down the southeast corridor and blast the two Drones up ahead. There are three Brute Stalkers up ahead, so have VISR active to detect them (outlined in orange). Use your Plasma Pistol to remove their armour and then stick them with a grenade or blast them with your Shotgun.

Fight your way to the end of the corridor and exit through the door there. Use your Shotgun to kill the Drones as they fly into the room through the southwest corridor. With the Drones dead, swap your Plasma Pistol for one of theirs and grab the health pack by the southwest corridor if you’re wounded

There are some Jackals and perhaps a Brute in the circular room at the end of the southwest corridor. Use your Plasma Pistol to dissolve each Jackal’s shield and then blast them with your Shotgun. Hit the Brute with a charged Plasma Pistol shot and then stick him with a grenade or throw a Frag Grenade at his feet while he’s stunned.

Once in the next room, start down the southeast corridor to spot another group of Covenant. This group is composed of Grunts, Jackals, and one or two Brutes. It’s quite easy to stick enemies while they’re in the middle of a narrow corridor such as the ones that connect each circular room, so try to use your stock of grenades to kill the Brutes while they target your ally. Be sure to collect any grenades dropped by enemies after each encounter.

Stick stunned Brutes with a Plasma Grenade or Spike Grenade after a charged Plasma Pistol shot.

Three more Brutes—two minors and a Brute Captain—will come through the southeast corridor when you reach the next circular room. Take them out with a couple of well-thrown grenades or your Plasma Pistol and Shotgun and then exit the next room by the southeast corridor. Dispatch of the next batch of enemies you encounter in the same fashion. When the room is clear, look for a health pack along the south side of the room. The Grunts will most likely have dropped some Plasma Grenades and at least one Plasma Pistol, so collect those before starting down the southwest corridor to encounter—you guessed it—even more Covenant.

With the last batch of enemies dead, approach one of the monitors on either side of the data-stack and hold the RB button to raise it. Then, equip your Shotgun and drop down to sublevel 9. A group of Drones will fly through the southeast corridor shortly after you enter sublevel 9. Blast them with your Shotgun and then swap your Plasma Pistol for a fresh one dropped by one of the Drones. When the room is clear, continue through the southeast door.

Making it through this next stretch of corridor is a bit of a hassle because you’re pitted against so many Brutes. If you have a decent stock of grenades and a Plasma Pistol you should be fine. Start by using your Plasma Pistol to remove the armour of the Brute surrounded by Grunts at the start, and while he is stunned stick him with a grenade or throw a Frag at his feet to kill him. Use your Shotgun to blast the scurrying Grunts and collect any Plasma Grenades they drop. There’s a health pack you can grab on the platform across from the door you used to enter if necessary.

Fight your way through the Brute-packed corridor.

Continue down the corridor and you will soon encounter a group of Brutes. There is plenty of cover along this corridor, so be sure to use it to your advantage. Move from cover to cover to get in range of one of the Brutes and then hit him with a charged Plasma Pistol shot to remove his armour. While he is stunned, stick him with a grenade or throw a Frag Grenade at his feet to kill him. If you run out of grenades, you can instead quickly run in with your Shotgun and finish the Brute off after removing his armour. As you fight your way down the corridor, keep an eye out for Spike Grenades dropped by Brutes.

Most troublesome of all is the Brute War Chieftain at the end of the corridor. He’s armed with a detached Plasma Turret and requires quite a bit of gunfire to take down. A charged Plasma Pistol shot will not remove his armour but it will stun him momentarily, allowing you to move in with your Shotgun for a couple of hits or to lob a grenade at his feet. Definitely use the cover to your advantage and don’t be afraid to fall back toward the start of the area to recover your Stamina.

If lesser Brutes remain after the War Chieftain’s death, pick up his Plasma Turret and use it to quickly kill them off. Before moving on there is a Flamethrower nearby that will definitely come in handy, and is also the key to unlocking the “I Like Fire” Xbox 360 achievement. Follow the paragraph below to locate the Flamethrower.

The Brute War Chieftain is armed with a Plasma Turret.

Achievement Tip -- I Like Fire: After killing the last Brute in the corridor, continue northeast. You’ll soon come to a decline but ignore it and continue heading northeast to the frost-covered dead-end. Look for the Flamethrower by the officer’s corpse behind the see-through cover in the eastern corner.

Unlocking the I Like Fire achievement.

Achievement Tip -- Audiophile: If you collected all 29 Audio Logs in New Mombasa, the NMPD officer will have followed you down to sublevel 9. Normally he remains on sublevel 8 and dies. To find the last Audio Log you must have kept the officer alive through the Brute corridor. When the last Brute falls, follow the officer to a locked security door. When he heads through, follow him in, activate VISR and look for the device in the corner of the room. Activate it to unlock the Audiophile achievement. The NMPD officer will then turn hostile; he’s armed with a Shotgun, so kill him quickly.

Audio Log 30/30 (See Audio Log Locations Page for more)

When you have the Flamethrower (even if you’re not after the achievement, bringing it along would definitely be a good idea), continue down the southeast decline. You won’t encounter anymore enemies in this corridor, so just continue on into the next area. The next corridor is empty as well, so proceed through to the other end. This next stretch contains more than 10 enemies, allowing you to unlock the Flamethrower achievement if you so choose. Be careful, however, as such a large amount of enemies means an even larger amount of gunfire headed your way.

Start by ducking behind the cover to your left. The Flamethrower has awesome range, so send a burst of fire toward any enemies you can spot from behind cover. While using the Flamethrower there is no need to keep RT held down the entire time, and doing so is sure overheat the weapon. Just tap RT with enemy is in your sights and provided that enemy is within range, he should soon be set aflame. Start by targeting the Jackals and Brute before taking to the Drones. The Jackals will most likely be at the front of the central platform at the start, allowing you to set them aflame by quickly ducking out of cover and sending a burst of fire their way. Once an enemy is on fire he is pretty much done for.

When the Brutes and Jackals have been taken care of, move out and target the Drones. With full Stamina you should be able to clear the room fairly quickly while sustaining minimal damage. When you have the achievement, use the Flamethrower to finish off any remaining enemies and approach the door at the southwest end of the room.

Get 10 kills with the Flamethrower to unlock the “I Like Fire” Xbox 360 achievement.

When the door opens, proceed through and move to the end of the corridor. Hold RB to knock on the door there to trigger a cutscene and complete the objective.

Objective: Fight through hive to data-center
Follow Captain Dare back through the corridor and you will soon encounter a Brute and a couple of Grunts. The Flamethrower can make short work of them, but move from cover to cover to get close. There is another Brute and some more Grunts further up. Help Captain Dare eliminate them and then continue following her. Use the Flamethrower to eliminate the Brute, Jackals, and Drones you encounter. Captain Dare will rush past most of the enemies, so feel free to follow suit.

Drop down the hole you come to and grab the health pack by the door. There are more Brutes, Jackals and Grunts here. Your Flamethrower should still have plenty of juice if you’ve been using it sparingly. Just be sure to move up from cover to cover to get close to your enemies rather than making a beeline for them.

Follow Dare into the next area and you’ll soon reach an elevator. Approach the panel and hold the RB button to activate the elevator. Continue following Dare onto the bridge. When you come to the swarm of Drones, use what’s left of your Flamethrower to scorch them. If your Flamethrower runs out, drop it and switch to your Shotgun. There are a lot of Drones so you’ll be taking a lot of fire; be sure to duck behind the weapon racks or any other piece of cover along the bridge to recover Stamina.

A Shotgun will make short work of Drones.

As you follow Dare to the other end of the bridge you’ll encounter more swarms of Drones, so keep your Shotgun loaded at all times. Fight your way to the other end of the bridge to reach sublevel 10. Grab the health pack next to the door if need be before heading in.

Objective: Rescue Superintendent
Continue following Dare down the corridor and then down the hole you come to. Outside, you’ll find two Brutes and a Brute Chieftain armed with a Gravity Hammer at the other end of the area. The Brutes are busy trying to break through the door; if you have a supply of grenades, stick the two Brutes shooting at the door and then immediately fallback to avoid the Brute Chieftain. The Plasma Rifles the Brutes were using can be used to quickly remove the Brute Chieftain’s armour; grab one while the Brute is preoccupied with Dare and continuously fire at him until his shield is lowered. Then, switch to your Shotgun and finish him off when the opportunity arises.

Killing the Brutes and Brute Chieftain to rescue the Superintendent.

Pick up the Gravity Hammer dropped by the Brute Chieftain when he falls, as it will surely come in handy. Continue through the door once you’re granted access and proceed to the door at the end. Hold the RB button to access the data-center.

Objective: Escort Engineer to safety
For this part you’ll have to stay close to the Engineer, as it can be killed if it sustains too much damage. With the Gravity Hammer in hand you should be able to clear away most of the enemies you encounter without much effort. Move from cover to cover to get close to your enemies, however, rather than just making a beeline for them.

There are some Jump Pack Brutes on the bridge, so kill each one as you encounter them. You’ll also run into a Brute Captain, some Grunts, and some Jackals. Use the cover along the bridge to avoid taking fire or to recover when your Stamina is low. When you reach Buck at the other end of the bridge, proceed through the door and drop down the hole to reach sublevel 12.

There are idle Drones hanging from the ceiling at the start of this corridor, so activate VISR and be ready for them with your Shotgun. If one of your weapons is out of ammo or low on ammo you can trade with Buck for his Assault Rifle. If you have a completely empty weapon, swap it for one of the weapons dropped by the Drones and trade it to Buck.

Defend the Engineer!

You’ll soon come to a locked door. Stand by as it is opened by the Engineer. There are more Drones on the ceiling through the door. Fight your way to the elevator and step on to complete the mission.

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if your doing this at the first data thing the superintendent will say : Hitchhikers may be escaped convicts. thats also the thing on the level the maw of halo CE anniversary when your escaping the pillar of autumn