Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Truth's Missions

You'll eventually receive a call from The Truth once you've completed one of Catalina's missions. He wants you to meet him at his motel room in Angel Pine. Travel there by following the ‘TT' symbol on the radar and drive into the red marker to accept a mission from him.

Mission 1: Body Harvest

The Truth wants you to procure a combine harvester for him. Follow the yellow icon on the radar to reach the farm where the harvester is located and drive into the red marker. Take out the survivalists near the farmhouse and make your way to the field where the harvester is working. Kill any survivalists you can spot in the field—avoiding those driving tractors—and then sprint to the harvester. Steal the harvester and drive it away from the field. Now all you must do is get it to the drop point, which is marked on your radar. Run over the survivalists on your way out of the farm for interesting results.


Combine Harvester

A trailer truck carrying a shotgun-wielding farmer will tail you at first, but the combine harvester is extremely durable, if not indestructible, so pursuers are nothing to worry about. Drive the harvester into the red marker at The Truth's drop point to complete the mission.

Mission 2: Are You Going to San Fierro?

You'll receive a call from The Truth after completing “Farewell, My Love” in Cesar's mission line. Follow the ‘TT' on the radar and drive into the red marker there to get started. The cops are on their way; you have five minutes to burn the marijuana fields behind The Truth's house. Each field has several clusters of plants, and each cluster is marked on the radar with a red icon. Use your flamethrower and walk along each field until the mark on the radar disappears.

Make sure that each of the clusters has been burned down before moving on to the next field. Don't touch any of the plants once they're alight because doing so will do a number on your health bar. When all of the plants have been burned down, The Truth hands you an RPG. Your next task is to shoot the police helicopter out of the sky; follow the helicopter and wait until it stalls, then take aim and fire.



With the helicopter out of the sky, get into The Truth's van and make your way back onto the road. Once you're back on the road, follow the yellow marker on the radar to reach a rundown garage in San Fierro. Drive into the red marker there to complete the mission.