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by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Cesar's Missions

After completing the “Body Harvest” mission in The Truth's mission line, Cesar will phone you. You can then accept missions from him by stepping into the red marker outside of his trailer in Angel Pine, which is marked on the radar with a ‘CV' symbol.

Mission 1: King in Exile

You'll receive a call from Catalina after the cutscene. You have to help Catalina carry out another robbery, which means another long trip to Red County. You won't find her at the diner in Dillimore this time around though; instead she can be found at her place in Fern Ridge. Make your way to the ‘C' symbol on your radar and drive into the red marker to get started. Refer to the “Catalina” section for more info.

Catalina's Cabin

Mission 2: Wu Zi Mu

This is another waypoint race, similar to the “High Stakes, Low-rider” mission in Los Santos. You must hit the final waypoint while at the head of the pack to complete this mission. The track here is lengthier than the last, and mostly consists of dirt road, but this time you can use whatever type of car you wish. The Rancher seems to be the best suited for this race, as it controls very well off-road and is also fast enough to surpass the other cars in the race. There isn't a great selection of vehicles in the badlands, so definitely choose the Rancher over a Tahoma or Virgo, as those two are prone to spinouts.


Similar to the race in Los Santos, each waypoint here is marked with a directional arrow which signifies where you'll need to turn to reach the next one. You are against three other racers here; fortunately their cars aren't anything spectacular, and they usually keep to a slow pace, making them easy to get ahead of. There's really no need to go too fast once you're in first place, just concentrate on following the trail and hitting the next waypoint without spinning out or tipping your vehicle over. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. A spinout can knock you back to last place, so you'll have to speed up and take more chances to make up for lost ground in the event of one.

Final Waypoint

Mission 3: Farewell, My Love…

This race takes place right after “Wi Zi Mu.” You can't choose your car for this one, but luckily the one you're automatically strapped into is a pretty sweet ride. This track is a reverse of the track in the last race, and the three cars participating seem to be a bit quicker than your former opponents. Though more prone to spinouts, the ZR-250 is fast, so in some instances you can simply make a beeline for the next waypoint if the road is surrounded by field. Again, if you're ahead of the pack, there's no need to try to break any records; keep to a steady pace to ensure that you hit each waypoint without losing control.



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what car is required foe wi zi mu

Added 6th Nov 2015, ID #622723

how do you play it on this

Added 21st Aug 2015, ID #600656

I sum hw lyk d missions

Added 13th Apr 2015, ID #542133

I hate to say this, but in my opinion, these races are quite easy. You will just have to slow down during corners. Remember what people say, "Slow in, fast out". On straight lines, accelerate. Also, if you are not sure on which route to pick, slow down a bit to identify the next checkpoint, and then pick the route and hit the gas. You may slow down at several parts of the race, but don't go too slow.

Good luck for the races!

Added 26th Dec 2014, ID #490222

damn i hate cesar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 12th Sep 2014, ID #446857

it is difficult

Added 16th Oct 2013, ID #314851

Well, I got out in first place before the hairy turn (right after the race starts, and the one that lands ya in the drink if you go on the left side of the road) and stayed 'slow and steady' since I didn't have "to worry about the other 3 cars". Uh...really? Didn't quite work that way.
It wasn't long before THEY ALL PASSED ME!!!. I stayed steady on speed but not too much until that happened then I had to speed up and spun out too much. Wound up crashing into a few trees and catching on fire. :( NOT THE BEST TIP...slow and steady doesn't really win the race in this mission.
Next time I'll know better.

Added 6th Apr 2013, ID #271155

Is there a way you can skip these missions?

Added 28th Jan 2013, ID #247243

Man I hate the last race.. i keep hitting spinouts and driving off cliffs

Added 6th Jan 2013, ID #238849


Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #230878


Added 3rd Dec 2012, ID #214788

If u use death vehicle on farewell, my love ur car explodes
real fast

Added 12th Feb 2012, ID #114308

after this no

Added 5th Jul 2011, ID #55037

are there more missons for ceaser

Added 20th Dec 2010, ID #21791

when does the the u know the missions after you complete the driving school?

Added 9th Aug 2010, ID #8107