Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide - Vlad's Missions (Broker)

Soon after completing the “Jamaican Heat” mission in Roman’s mission line, you’ll get a call from an unknown source. It’s Vlad, and he wants you to do work for him. Make your way to the ‘V’ symbol on the radar and hit the marker there to get started.

Mission 1: Bull In A China Shop

Vlad wants you to collect some unpaid debt money for him. Get over to the china shop in Cerveza Heights and step into the marker outside. The proprietor has locked the doors, so you’ll need to find something to break the shop window. There are some cement bricks around the block; head over to the green marker on your radar, pick one of the bricks up and return to the shop entrance. Throw the brick through the window to scare the proprietor. He’ll then step outside and give you the money. Take the money back to Vlad to complete the mission.

China Shop

Shop Window

Mission 2: Hung Out To Dry

More debts need collecting. Make your way to the laundromat on Masterson Street and step into the marker outside to get started. The shop keeper immediately flees when you make your entrance. Take off after him through the back door of the laundromat. Jack one of the cars outside and start after the van that the shop keeper is attempting to escape in. All you must do now is ram the van until a cutscene is triggered to complete the mission.



Mission 3: Clean Getaway

You are to steal a silver Blista as compensation for some unpaid debts. You’ll have to ride the nearby subway train to reach the location where the car is parked. Make your way to station, get up to the station platform and wait for the train to arrive. Enter the train when it arrives. When the train reaches its destination, start towards the blue marker on your radar. The owner is currently with the car, so you’ll have to knock him out to make a quick getaway. You can perform a stun punch to drop an unsuspecting enemy instantly. To perform a stun punch, without a weapon drawn, lock-on to a target and approach them. When the target reticule changes, press the punch button to knock out the target.


Stun Punch

When the owner has been taken care of, get in the Blista and start towards the lockup in Hove Beach. Vlad is not happy to hear that the car is covered with dirt, so you’ll have to take it to the car wash in Beechwood City first. Once that’s done, drive the car to the lockup to complete the mission.



Mission 4: Ivan The Not So Terrible

Vlad wants you to eliminate Ivan, a man who is supposedly planning to steal from Roman. Start towards Roman’s garage. As you near the depot, you’ll spot Ivan already on the getaway. Chase after him and eventually you will reach a construction site. There, Ivan will abandon his car and start climbing up the building site. Climb up after him until you reach the top. When you reach the top, Ivan will leap to a nearby building. Continue after him—jumping between buildings when necessary—until you reach the end of the way. You are now faced with a decision to make: let Ivan live, or kill him as Vlad had ordered. It is best to help Ivan up because there is no reason not to, and he may be tied to a mission that occurs later on in the game.

Construction Site