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- Faustin's Missions
Grand Theft Auto 4

- Faustin's Missions

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4 - Faustin's Missions (Broker)

You will be able to accept missions from Faustin shortly after completing “Crime and Punishment” in Roman's mission line. Travel to Faustin's home in Beachgate—denoted by the ‘F' symbol on the radar—and hit the marker there to begin.

Mission 1: Do You Have Protection?

Travel to the sex shop in Hove Beach and follow Dimitri inside. In the backroom, keep your gun trained on the marked target and shoot the guy in the leg when Dimitri orders it. When that is over and done with, follow Dimitri out of the shop and get back in the car. Next stop, the gun store downtown. When you reach the place, step out of the car and enter the gun shop. Faustin's buying, so approach the Micro-SMG that's marked by the green arrow and purchase it. Afterwards, drive Dimitri back to Faustin's place to complete the mission.

Sex Shop

Gun Shop

Mission 2: Final Destination

Hit the marker outside of the Perestrdika in Hove Beach to accept a mission from Faustin. Your target can be found on Guatanamo Avenue, all the way in South Bohan. You'll need to use the East Borough Bridge at the northwest end of Broker to reach Bohan. Be sure to slow down at the toll booth to pay the fine once on the bridge, otherwise you will attract attention from the authorities.

Once in Bohan, follow the highlighted route on your radar to the marker. When you are underneath the target, step out of your car and locate the stairs that lead up to the station platform. Be sure that you have a weapon equipped and then confront Lenny. He quickly flees, and the guy next to him will open fire. Kill the shooter and then take off after the runner. Lenny will get in his car at the bottom of the platform stairs; quickly get some wheels and start after him. The Micro-SMG you acquired in the previous mission can destroy Lenny's car quite easily, so drive up next to him and open fire until it explodes. The mission is complete once Lenny has been dealt with.

Platform Stairs


Mission 3: No Love Lost

Meet Faustin at his house in Beachgate to trigger this mission. Faustin wants you to find his daughter in Firefly Island. Make your way to the marker there to spot her. When her boyfriend takes off on his motorcycle, hop on the nearby motorbike and start after him. Just keep up with him until he meets with his gang. At that point, your task is to kill each and every one of the bikers. They are all armed with SMGs, so be careful. Wipe out the biker gang to complete the mission.



Mission 4: Rigged to Blow

This mission is available following the “Logging On” mission in Roman's mission line. After the cutscene, starts towards the old factory in Schottler. When you reach the place, step out of your vehicle and get into the truck there. The truck must be driven to the garage in South Bohan. The truck is fitted with explosives, so drive carefully. The flashing light on the back indicates its condition; a quickly flashing light indicates that the explosives are becoming more unstable. Try your best to avoid collisions on your way to the garage, otherwise the truck might explode with you in it. When you reach the garage, drive the truck in and trigger the explosives to blow the place. Sprint away from the scene to avoid arousing suspicion. Mission complete!



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Comments for - Faustin's Missions

6 comments, latest first.
ID #123393 | Mar 16th 2012 Guest
i love gta its totally ace and awsome and am playing on it now
ID #56395 | Jul 9th 2011 Guest
I completed these 4 missions and it says I've only completed 71% of foustins missions. Why is that?
ID #30397 | Feb 25th 2011 bakejac
the rest of the one's are dum but the lost one is sweet...
ID #14757 | Oct 9th 2010 CJBSUPCOT123
any one's help, for faustin'c mission when dimitri and niko enter sex shop, I lock on target (Joseph) and dimitri never gives an order. How could this be? Any hints (help)? thanks
ID #8082 | Aug 9th 2010 Guest
that is for dimitri's missions
ID #275 | Jun 11th 2010 Guest
yo how bout the master and the molotov