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by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide - Elizabeta's Missions (Bohan)

Mallorie will call you shortly after the completion of “Street Sweeper” in Manny's mission line to tell you of a friend of hers who needs some work done. Hit the marker outside of Elizabeta's place—denoted by the ‘E' symbol on the radar—to get a mission from her.

Mission 1: Luck of the Irish

Get to the building that's marked on your radar and step inside. Climb the stairs all the way up to the rooftop and pick up the Sniper Rifle there. Step over the vantage point to observe the meeting. Pay attention to the instructions that appear in the top-left corner of the screen to learn how to use this weapon. The meeting quickly goes sour as the dealers pull guns out and start firing at Packie and his associate.

Vantage Point


Immediately start sniping the attackers below. Try for headshots, as it'll take a couple of flesh shots to down one. Keep watch over Packie too, because at one point an attacker will grab hold of him and attempt to stab him. You'll know this is happening when a marker on your radar is flashing red and blue. Afterwards, kill the second batch of attackers that enter the alleyway to complete the mission.

Mission 2: Blow Your Cover

The contact's apartment is in Schottler, which is back in Broker. Drive over there with Playboy and enter. Upon entering, grab the rifle that's leaning against the window up ahead before following Playboy up to the 3rd floor to make the deal. It's a setup. Gun down the two cops in the initial area, then crouch down and head into the hallway. You have to get up to the rooftop, but there are four SMG-wielding cops between here and there. Move carefully as you make your way up to the roof, because the cops are quick to react and are wearing Body Armor, making them considerably harder to take down.



When you reach the rooftop, grab the health pack behind the nearby cover and start firing at the cops up ahead. Be sure to pick up the Body Armor that is near one of the generators just before the rusty set of stairs. Your deeds will net you a two-star wanted level, and you now have to get Playboy back to his place in Northwood. Follow Playboy down the stairs; there are a couple of unmarked cops on the way down, so proceed with caution. Once you're outside, lose the wanted level and then drive Playboy home to complete the mission.

Mission 3: The Snow Storm

You should get a call from Elizabeta sometime after completing “The Puerto Rican Connection” in Manny's mission line. You first must travel to the old hospital all the way on Colony Island. It's quite a long way, so take a cab if you aren't feeling up to the journey. When you reach the place, hit the marker in the parking lot to get started. Approach the place, but be careful, as the old hospital is crawling with enemies. Start by gunning down the two guys in the fenced in area outside, then head through the gap in the fence.

There is a ladder along the hospital's south wall that can be used to reach the second floor, which would provide a nice vantage point. There are a couple of guys up here as well, so quickly take them out before they can get a shot off. You can use the explosive barrels against the enemies down below by shooting them; just don't set one off too close to yourself.

Old Hospital


Once the ground floor is clear, drop down to the left and head through the northward doorway. Turn into the first room on your left to find the coke that Elizabeta is after. There is also Body Armor here, so be sure to pick it up for extra protection. Unfortunately, the cops show up to raid the place just as you are about to make your escape.  Here's the escape route: exit the coke room and turn left, sprint through the doors until you are at the second to last one, then turn into the room to your right; here, go through the doorway on the left and  then exit through the arched doorway. Of course, you'll have to fight your way out, and the sheer number officers standing in your path makes this a decidedly difficult task.



Be especially careful of the two cops stationed outside; try to gun them down through the windows before heading outside. When you've made it out of the hospital, quickly get a vehicle and start flee the scene. You now likely have a three-star wanted level to shake. A good way to escape is to set a way point somewhere far (South Bohan, in this case) and follow the marked path on your radar. Doing this ensures that you won't be caught circling around the same area. Once you have lost them, meet Jacob in Chase Point to complete the mission.

Mission 4: Have A Heart

Get in the car outside and start towards the doctor's location in Broker. Drive carefully, because a collision may jar the car's trunk open, revealing the contents to any passersby; including the police. If the trunk does open, however, you can always step out of your car and shut it. Hit the marker in East Island City to trigger a cutscene and complete the mission.



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23 comments, latest first.
I am trying to do luck of the Irish and i just cant do it i am doing what you said but it is still not working

Added 25th May 2015, ID #560963

i was on the mission snow storm.help me how to escape the old hospital from the cops!

Added 13th Dec 2014, ID #483824

on luck of the Irish, I can't pick up the sniper rifle.

Added 22nd May 2014, ID #387006

You have to make sure you don't have it already or anything like it (which means anything that zooms in on a target) if you have it you could just shoot until your out of bullets or you could purposely get caught by the cops and then they will take all of your weapons. To get your weapons back just use the health something cheat (i recommend getting all of the cheats which makes the game ALOT easier)

Added 29th Nov 2015, ID #629723

took me a while to do the luck of the irish mission because I didn't pay any attention to packie. I didn't think it would be that easy. I thought it was something to do with cheats. like in gta sa where someone jumps off a roof and he jumps in a few seconds.

Added 22nd Mar 2014, ID #367149

I LOVE how everyone thinks snow storm is hard. Its Not hard at all just stay in cover at ground level also do playboy x's missions first he enables grnades so you can litarally blow into the next room also you get a AK-47 just giving tips to people have trouble!!

Added 16th Jul 2013, ID #297933

my game freezes in the mission blow your cover -it freezes when i got to drive playboy x to he's house-can someone help?

Added 23rd Mar 2013, ID #266434

I'm also getting frozen at the mission Have a Heart. I thought it was just my disk, be great to have some feedback!

Added 6th Jan 2013, ID #238846

Use a motorcycle for your getaway.

After you kill the last dealer, BEFORE you approach the coke, go get a motorcycle and prop it up so it's headed to go north through all the doorways and into the entry-room. Sanchez is best, but I've done it with a Freeway, and it works fine that way.

Now, grab the coke, run for the cycle, get on it, and ride and shoot your way towards the entry room without crashing and being dismounted. Don't waste your time fighting cops, and don't stop long enough to get shot to death. Turn right and drive out through the entry door.

If you can get out of the house while still on the cycle, it's still tough, but easier. Now, head north behind the buildings towards the parking lot of the cemetery. You can hop over the fence and get a decent to fast car, which you'll need to get out of a 3-star-wanted. Then take off and do the normal evasion.

Added 25th Oct 2012, ID #200830

Ha i love the fact that you say snow storm isn't hard, yet you've had to use a cheat to get rid of the cops.. classic

Added 25th Sep 2012, ID #188876

i Tink snow stom is hard

Added 11th Aug 2012, ID #174826

on snow storm it isint that hard when you have the coke look behind you shot two noose what come crawling in go through two doors turn right then be carefull because there are 4 noose police people waiting for you shoot them mainly in the head then there is a truck get in it and get on your cell phone and type 362 555 0100 in your cell phone and that will get rid of the cops

Added 28th Jul 2012, ID #169522

I dont know if Im doing anything wrong or if its just my game. All the missions are perfectly fine, But when I get to "Have A Heart" The mission stops when I exit Elizabeta's house and all it does is freeze on the "Loading" part. Do you think its something Ive done?

Added 25th Jul 2012, ID #168413

So hard

Added 12th May 2012, ID #141346

i did that mission first try [img][/img]

Added 4th Mar 2012, ID #120536

After I completed the snow storm, I just wanted to shoot elizabeta so much.

Added 28th Feb 2012, ID #119046

After Elizabeta shoot Manny and his camera man, my game freezes, it does it everytime, it looks like it getting ready to go to the next sence but the screen is blank... all the other mission are fine no freesing or nothing...

Added 7th Feb 2012, ID #112990

ON The mission snow storm usually I wouldn't but for this mission I totally recommend using the less wanted level cheat but remember to give the cops time to clear the building or you'll get shot

Added 3rd Feb 2012, ID #111789

After completing 'Blow your cover' mission, i received a text from Playboy X. After some time i tried to call him after reading the text, and his phone always goes on voice mail, and the X symbol never appeared on my radar. What to do? in fact there is no symbol of any other person on my radar...

Added 28th Jan 2012, ID #109934

I was stuck in snow storm because I wanted to fight out of there. Just get the stuff and run!! Go out the arched door, turn left, get on the truck that is parked outside and gun it!!! I finally passed it that way...

Added 16th Jan 2012, ID #106472

Me and my friend is on the 4 mission and it is hard

Added 19th Dec 2011, ID #96565

snow storm: once you grab the coke find a big object that helps you to jump up to the roof. then you can walk to the windows and jump off the building without anyone noticing your escape.

Added 27th Oct 2011, ID #83311

The Mission Blow your cover Is Linked To A mission In TLAD

Added 17th Jul 2010, ID #4879