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- Dimitri's Missions
Grand Theft Auto 4

- Dimitri's Missions

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide - Dimitri's Missions (Broker)

You can accept missions from Dimitri after completing “Rigged to Blow” in Faustin's mission line. Travel to the ‘Dm' symbol on the radar and hit the marker there to accept a mission.

Mission 1: The Master and the Molotov

Make your way to Perestroika, Faustin's club in Hove Beach, and hit the marker across the street. Dimitri will send you a text message at this point, explaining that some protection has been left for you around the side of the club. Follow the green icon on your radar and pick up the Body Armor that's next to the dumpster. Enter Perestroika when you're all suited up. After the cutscene, whip out a gun, kill the two goons in front of you and then grab some cover. Take out Faustin's men first, and then hit Faustin until he flees. Follow him through the door to the left of the stage.

Body Armor


A shotgun would come in handy here, as you'll be facing a number of enemies in this cramped hallway. When the path is clear, exit into the alley through the double door. There are more goons out in the alley too, so take them out before following Faustin up the staircase. Once you're up top, fire away until Faustin falls.


Mission 2: Russian Revolution

Give Dimitri a call after completing his first mission to trigger this one. You are to meet Dimitri at a warehouse in East Hook. After Jacob calls, head to the warehouse to trigger a cutscene. Things quickly take a turn for the worse as you find yourself facing off against an inordinate number of hostiles. There is Body Armor behind the piece of cover in front of you, so move up and grab it when you have a chance. Be sure to crouch when not behind cover, as this will both improve your accuracy and make you harder to hit. The new cover system is heralded here, so put it to good use.



Each enemy in the warehouse is marked on your radar. Pay close attention to the markers that contain upward directional arrows, as those indicate enemies that are above you. There are several enemies along the walkways on either side of the warehouse, as well as in the windowed rooms near the exit. From these vantage points these enemies can get shots on you even while you're behind cover, so pay close attention to your radar and kill them off first to avoid taking fire. Continue moving up between cover and clearing out enemies until the police arrive. Sprint out of the warehouse, get in a car with Jacob and shake the two-star wanted level. Afterwards, drive Jacob to the Homebrew Café in Schottler to complete the mission.

Homebrew Café

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ID #104897 | Jan 11th 2012 Guest
We cannot see the pics. Too dark!
ID #59856 | Jul 21st 2011 Guest
only dimitrys missions when he flys off in helicopter and i chase on a boat when the rusta jacob trys 2 pick me up from the water it doesnt give me enough time to get underneath his helicopter what can i do please help im stuck
ID #17231 | Nov 4th 2010 Guest
hey,should missoes in gta4 to black power thanx
ID #7463 | Aug 4th 2010 CrimsonDynamo3005
i forgot to call dimitri after i finished his first mission, now i can't do his other mission. HELP ME!!!!!