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Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide - Brucie's Missions (Broker)

After completing “Rigged to Blow” in Faustin's mission line, Roman will call to tell you that his friend Brucie has work that needs to be done. Hit the marker outside of Brucie's Executive Autos in East Hook to accept a mission from him.

Mission 1: Search and Delete

Your first task is to find a steal a cop car. If you can't find a police car, take out your phone and dial 911 to lure the police over to you. To bring up the keypad, press the Mobile Phone Up button again when you have the phone out. Lose the wanted level once you have the cop car and Niko will then automatically call Brucie. Afterwards, park somewhere and access the police computer. Brucie wants you to take out a man named Lyle Rivas. From the computer menu, select “Search Police Records” and then “Search by Name.” Type in “Rivas” using the on-screen keyboard and then select “Lyle Rivas.” Mark the target's house on your radar and then exit the menu.


Police Computer

When you reach Lyle Rivas' place, step out of your vehicle and head through the front door. He immediately attempts to flee; quickly leave the house and get back in your vehicle. Rivas' car is quite fast, so try hard to avoid collisions as they will just slow you down. Start firing at the target vehicle when you're close enough. Fire away until the car is about to explode, at which point Rivas will bail. Kill Rivas to complete the mission.

Rivas' House


Mission 2: Easy as Can Be

Meet Brucie at his home in Boabo to trigger this mission. Brucie wants you to steal Lyle Rivas' car and bring it to his garage. Make your way to the marker on Yorktown Avenue, then walk over to Rivas' car and get in. A group of goons will pull up into the alleyway and try to stop you. Immediately drive out of the alley and start towards Brucie's lockup in East Hook. The goons will pursue you relentlessly, and you must get the car to the lockup before they manage to destroy it.

Rivas' Car

Your pursuers are particularly dangerous because they will shoot at you through the car windows when they have a chance. The lockup is quite a long way from here, so keep moving. If you happen to miss a turn, continue heading down the road you're on, as stopping to turn around could lead to death. Drive the car into the lockup to complete the mission.


Mission 3: Out of the Closet…

Brucie will send you a text message sometime after you acquire a safehouse in Bohan. Drive back to his place in Broker and hit the marker there to accept a mission from him.

Head to the internet café marked on your radar, answer Brucie when he calls, and then step inside. Access the internet and click on the Lovemeet ad on the right. Click on the Male category under “Find Love,” then find and click on French Tom's profile. Click on the “Date” button in the bottom-right corner of the screen and then log off. Now you must wait for French Tom's reply. Go to check your webmail when you receive a text message from Roman about it. When the time comes, open Tom's e-mail and reply.

Internet Café


The date will take place at the 69th Street Diner in Hove Beach. You must be there before the specified time. The place is marked on your map; it's within the southwest quarter of Broker. When you're at the dinner, stand around until a cutscene is triggered. Stand up at any time during the conversation and shoot Tom dead to complete the mission.


French Tom

Mission 4: No. 1

Brucie needs you to drive him to pick up his friend Steve's car. The race car is over in Willis, so get some wheels and head over there. When you reach the car, hop in and travel to the race start. This is a checkpoint race, so the goal here is to follow a series of checkpoints and be ahead of the pack when the final checkpoint is reached. Each of the checkpoints contains a directional arrow that points to where that the next arrow will be. All you must do is win this race to complete the mission.



Side Missions

There are some side missions related to Brucie, we have information on these on different pages, just follow the links below to go there. These side missions and more are listed on the navigation list on the left of this guide:

Brucie's Exotic Exports

Brucie's Races


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Watch a YouTube gsmeplay it helps a lot I had the same problem and it worked first try

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you don't gotta like it causethe hood don;t like

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i also cant do it i shot the tires but cops just come and intefer or if i just try to pass them i flip over get stuck then i come in 6th i was doing this misson for about 2 hours

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okay have a hard time doing mission 3 what time do u go in the dinner

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I still can't pass it! It was great advice, I did make it to 3rd place but that's as far as I can get, plus cops get in the way and it's hard to speed and go on the cellphone to use a cheat juring the race.
I wish there was a cheat for this mission because I am stuck!
To some it comes easy to you but for other's it doesn't .

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no.1: as soon as it counts to zero you shoot the tires of other cars in front of you. drive carefully and not to fast; being in control is essence. you can speed up when you are in the clear.

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COol but next time put kids in it and ti

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I Can't pass No. 1. I really need help. I cant pass the other cars cause they push me out of the way.

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yeah its real easy if you played gta 1,2,3,4 past to present

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it was so easy

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it is relly great and it was sweet...

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