In a Nutshell - The Basics!


The game ends when you have missed three pieces of fruit. These can be spaced apart by any amount, so letting any pieces of fruit through your clutches is a very bad move. If you strike a bomb with your sword, you suffer an instant failure.


You should aim to slice across as many items of fruit as possible. This can give you a combo bonus, also known as a Blitz. There are a variety of levels to the Blitz, each of which rewards you with a bonus equal to the level multiplied by five. These levels are below:

Combo Blitz: - Get 3 Combos - Bonus now equals 5
Great Blitz: - Get 6 Combos - Bonus now equals 10
Awesome Blitz: - Get 9 Combos  - Bonus now equals 15
Super Blitz: - Get 12 Combos  - Bonus now equals 20
Hyper Blitz: - Get 15 Combos  - Bonus now equals 25
Unbelievable Blitz: - Get 18 Combos - Bonus now equals 30

Extra Lives:

You are rewarded with an extra life once your score reaches a multiple of 100.