Game Modes

Fruit Ninja Walkthrough and Guide by Mongoose General  

Game Modes

Classic Mode:

This is the standard Fruit Ninja game mode, complete with all fruit, bombs and standard play.

Arcade Mode:

In Arcade mode, you have just 60 seconds in which to get a high score. This mode is further made unique by the bananas which are thrown onto the screen. These can alter your combos, for example creating double points for a set period of time.

Zen Mode:

This mode allows you to play the game without having to worry about the bombs invading your screen.

At the end of Arcade mode, a Pomegranate appears on screen, which you can slice multiple times for extra points.


When playing against another player, you are only allowed to slice the fruit in blue and the fruits marked with white. Red fruit is your opponent's and should be avoided.